Small improvements for big impact

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Roxanna Walker sees the big picture, and is helping others in Baker Hughes, a GE Company (BHGE) do the same. Perhaps this is what sparked her childhood dream to be an astronaut and later a roller-coaster design engineer. While today Roxanna isn’t orbiting Earth or planning the next big thrill ride, she’s making an impact as a systems engineer for BHGE and a passionate driver of Ecomagination’s vision to solve environmental challenges on a global scale.

It must work out

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It all works out in the end but our impatience rarely allows us to wait till the end - Roopleen

Here we challenged ourselves and defied our  impatience and worked diligently for a solution.

Don’t give up

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If you don’t give up on something you truly believe in, you will find a way to succeed.
I believe that the strongest people aren’t always the people who win, but the people who don’t give up when they lose.
It started in Oct’16 with the installation project for Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Petroleum Operations (ADCO) CO2 injection project. We had 3 main CO2 booster pumps packages to be installed at site that was supplied since 2014.

Para ser campeão devemos, antes de tudo, superar nossas próprias limitações.

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Com esse movimento de compartilhar histórias, vi uma oportunidade de incentivar as pessoas a nunca desistirem de seus sonhos. Precisamos sempre vencer nossas batalhas, seguindo todos os dias acreditando em nós mesmos. Não importa o tamanho das nossas dificuldades, pois nunca sabemos a luta diária que cada um enfrenta, mas não devemos nunca nos render e/ou conformar com a situação. Para vencer na vida devemos saber nos superar em cada etapa dela.

Creating waves for D&I

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I recognised very early in my working life the impact that non-inclusiveness could have on both my happiness and career. I feel lucky to have had a positive coming out experience in my personal and professional life and want to give back to those in the community who have not been as fortunate.

As an absolute advocate for creating a culture that embraces diversity and inclusion (D&I), I’ve been involved in many initiatives and networks, all of which have given me a deep sense of satisfaction and a desire to do more.

An erratic in granite, to pleasure in Perth.

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Apprehensive and uncertain, I arrived at the security gate.
The journey here was already blurry, a sleep deprived rollercoaster of windy roads, persistent rain, and a constant emergence of mind spiralling self-doubt.
I was a stranger in a strange town, familiar with nothing and now, turning up to introduce myself, at the reception building emblazoned with a “Meatball” on the door.

Scanning the buildings, reading the posters, and absorbing this new environment, I was already impressed and somewhat in awe of my surroundings.


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Today if we observe Oil & Gas business globally it has changed dramatically. The falling of crude oil prices & recession in oil & gas industry has remarkably changed traditional ways of doing business. The company’s which do not adapt & react efficiently has either perished or incurred severe business losses.

Creative Thinking

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We see how fast things are changing all around us. Digital marketing has put information in various easily accessible formats. People are limited not only by the time available to absorb it but also by the choice of what to absorb.

Three years ago, experts like Gartner Research predicted that 85% of business interactions will be executed without human intervention by the year 2020.
By 2018, more than 3 million workers globally will be supervised by a "roboboss."

GE O&G meets GE Healthcare on a Personal journey

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A personal anecdote of finding unexplained source of consolation from GE Healthcare equipment

Gender of the baby – That is usually the single ‘loudest’ thought in the minds of expectant parents when they go into their 20-week anomaly scans. After being blessed with a baby girl, we were eager to know what the genders of our unborn twins would be.