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What’s your elephant?

Recently when reading fables to my young son I came across an old favorite. I was telling him the story of three blind men who came across an elephant. Each touched the elephant, each experiencing it in a different way. The first felt the tusks, the second a leg and the third the ear; all being accurate and truthful but missing the complexity of the animal.

This got me thinking! Our products, markets and stakeholders are complex but how much of it do we really see? We all touch GE in different ways and if we want to build a better GE we need to share our thoughts and ideas. We will only solve our challenges as well as we can see them - and only together will we see our elephant.

We need to articulate what our concerns and challenges are. Making time to add a voice to our view and ensure that when we hear different perspectives that we challenge our view and build a sharper picture. Driving clarity together is such a rewarding way to learn because it focuses us on achieving our best and accelerating change.

Every conversation we have is an opportunity to check how we are seeing our elephant. To explore how others see it and build a shared view. We have many challenges to solve, and by sharing our complete picture will lead to producing the best solutions and listening to others will soon become our competitive edge. So, let’s start, what’s your elephant?

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