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Exploring a new city on foot with friends can be a real bonding experience. Recently, old friends and I met in the city to explore a place we had never been. We had buildings to size up, nooks to look into, restaurants to snack at, and… BAM! I fell, spraining my ankle.
After some shouting and holding my ankle, I looked back to the uneven bricks making up the sidewalk. At least ten were missing. Another three were an inch above the others. My friends helped me up, I stumbled for a bit and continued with determination to stay with the group. I started complaining about the infrastructure (or lack thereof) and “who chose brick versus concrete?!” BOOM! I was on the ground again, spraining the other ankle!
I fought back tears. These were my oldest friends laughing at me. I picked myself up off the ground. We continued walking. I was miserable. Laser-focused on each imperfection in my path, I was determined not to hurt myself anymore. I heard people, but who knows what they were talking about. Who knows where we were. I analyzed 10,000 bricks that hour trying to avoid another mishap.
I finally stopped looking down and faced the world straight on. I reflected on my missteps and thought about our own ‘walk’ as a company, as leaders and as employees. With so much going on within and outside the company, there is naturally a tendency to look backwards. Now more than ever, however, it is important to look forward and “Just Be”:
• Just Be Focused - Filter out the noise and be situationally aware. Do not cancel out the voice from the events around you. Focus on customers and what they are thinking and how you can make a difference.
• Just Be Present – Show up every day and put in your best work day with pride and integrity. Motivate and inspire everyone that we will be here for the next 100 years.
• Just Be Human – Support one another and remember it is ok to show vulnerability. We are in this together. Share. Tell your success stories and lessons learned. Being human means you cannot foretell or control the future – but you can control today. Learn from the past but do not let it define you.
• Just Be You – Be authentic and communicate with candor. Be true to yourself and your core values. Take care of yourself so you can take care of others and raise your hand if you need help. Deliver what you promise.

During this critical time of transformation, we will see many loose bricks. How will you navigate them?

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