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I would have to thank my old professor, Dr. Colen, for telling me about GE. At the 2014 annual NSBE convention I was so overwhelmed! It was my first time at the convention and needless to say I was very unprepared. On the first day of the convention, I was handing out outdated resumes to companies. After I had realized my mistake I was defeated. Later that night I went and got the correct resumes printed and was ready to give it another shot the next day. Unfortunately, every company I went to had already locked in their internships and weren’t looking for anymore candidates. Surely a sought-after company like GE wouldn’t have any more slots so I didn’t even bother to stop over to the booth. Dr. Colen still keep in touch with an alumna of our university (the University of Arkansas Pine Bluff, Go Golden Lions!) and now my colleague and friend Ledora Stribling. It turned out that GE Transportation was still in the hunt for more interns and co-ops. He ended up connecting us on that day and here I am graduating from the OMLP program almost 4 years later.

Working at GE has taught me to look at the bigger picture. Being able to fluctuate between the different functions of Supply Chain over the past two years thanks to the OMLP program has helped me to understand that if I perform well or if I perform poorly, I have a direct impact to the business. That motivates me to put my best foot forward and do my part to ensure our company’s success. That same thought process has carried over into my personal life. I think things through more thoroughly than I did 2 years ago before I was hired on.

I can honestly say that I would not be here at GE if it wasn’t for AAF. My mentor and big brother Marcell Jackson really funneled me into AFF when I first got to Fort Worth and as intern and really put me into positions to succeed. He coached me up and helped me to start putting the pieces of the puzzle together. I needed that constant reinforcement and that sense of community that the AFF offers. The affinity network feels more like a family than anything else. To this day me and Marcell catch up at least monthly with no signs of slowing down. The AAF offers lifetime connections that are always willing to help you out along the way. From the AAF recruiting me at NSBE to now, they have been supporting every step of the way.

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