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Growing up I remember hearing great things about GE Healthcare. My father worked for GE healthcare along with a family friend. Hearing how both individuals were able to make strides in their career was something that stuck with me. As I began to navigate through my college career I started to visit conferences and came to learn more about this amazing company. I stumbled upon a GE booth during the Grace Hopper conference. That’s where I met Susan Gordon Barker. She was the DTLP business program manager at the time. I was very pleased to hear how driven the company was to recruit diverse talent. She helped open the door for me to have a position in the DTLP program today.

I've picked up many gems since the start of my journey at GE. One valuable lesson that I've learned is the importance of the PIE( performance, image and exposure) . Each are critical to the overall success in your career. Working at GE has also taught me that stepping outside of my comfort zone will continually lead me on the right path. If it scares me, then I know I'm on the right track.

GEHC African American forum has granted me many opportunities to grow, lead and build my network. I am really grateful for the chance I've had to meet incredibly talented individuals. AAF continues to show me the importance of paying it forward. I'll continue to utilize AAF as a way to pull up and push the next generation forward.

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