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This week I volunteered to serve, along with many others, at Habitat for Humanity. I do this every year and always find it so inspiring, whether meeting the new home owners or the amazing people that support this cause all year round. This year, the inspiration came from such a surprising place that I wanted to share it with you.

Our group volunteered to move walls around a warehouse and then over to the job site – heavy, but fun work especially because we had to work closely as a team. During this time, we got the opportunity to know one another better, along with our team leader, Wil Plaza. Wil introduced us to his father Wilfredo Plaza. Wilfredo, who lives in Puerto Rico, spoke no English but that did not stop him from making an impactful contribution as part of our team.

Wilfredo worked hard, lifting as much as anyone, but I noticed that he was particularly interested in the method of building these homes, and I soon found out why. As it turned out, Wilfredo built his own home in Puerto Rico, yet we were shocked to learn that Wilfredo’s home was destroyed in the hurricane. Thankfully, all of Wil’s immediate and extended family survived the hurricane without harm; however, they have considerable hardships in front of them as they live in rural areas which are difficult to reach. Wil evacuated his father for health reasons, but Wilfredo is very eager to return and rebuild his house. They are now trying to find the best way to ship a generator to Puerto Rico.

I was so incredibly humbled by this experience. Here is a man whose house has been destroyed. He has no running water or electricity and is not likely to have those things restored in the near future, due to Puerto Rico’s long road to recovery. Yet, while visiting his son, he offers to volunteer at a Habitat for Humanity to help build homes for others. Wow!

While I was extremely honored and inspired to serve alongside Wilfredo, who while needing help himself too the time to help others. I want to do more for Puerto Rico and the people there. I share this today in hopes that it will encourage you to do what you can do, to help others. Sometimes what we think is a small thing, can really make a great impact in the life of someone in need.

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