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I am the Customer Service Representative, GET-GSS Global Services & Solutions, but I am also a mother of two. I am the primary carer as my husband works full time for a company that does not promote flexibility, and we have no family around for support. My son is heading into Year Four, and my daughter is turning Four. Up until now they have been in full time care. I would drop my son off at pre-school care, and he would later attend after-school care. My daughter was at day care from 7:00 – 17:30. I felt that I was not giving them the best of myself at all, and I was losing out on their best hours. I was just the ‘hurry-up and get ready for school, or a tired get ready for bed’-mum. This obviously impacted my self-esteem as a parent, and that in turn influenced my performance at work.

I approached my manager with the idea that I would be resigning. I did not expect the conversation that followed. The response from my management that sticks in my mind is: “What can we do to help you get what you need, without losing you?” We had an open and honest conversation, followed by some brainstorming, and an informal arrangement was agreed on. I cannot describe what this meant to me in terms of feeling valued as an employee.

My flexible role means working flexible hours, with a mix of office, home and customer sites. This arrangement allows me to drop the kids off at school and pick them up again in the afternoon. I can be more present for them, and spend quality time when they are active and able to enjoy having some mum-time.

GE is getting the best out of me, because I am feeling fulfilled - both in contributing effectively to my team, and being able to spend more time with my children.

I didn’t think all of this was possible. I didn’t think I could make a formal flexible working arrangement work, and assumed it would be an all or nothing situation. I really appreciate that I was not just given up on, and that I was valued enough not to just be let go.

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