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Over the past several years, GE Power employee Ernest Murray has dedicated much of his spare time to training the next generation of GE engineers. Along the way, he has learned a thing or two about what makes GE stand out as a place to work, learn, and grow- and a big part of that involves staying up to date on all things GE. Ernest is a GE Champion.

GE Champions encompass all that is GE – they are committed what they do, why they do it, and how they stay connected with people who are just as passionate as they are. This community of 900+ employees subscribe to all GE’s biggest communication channels: GE VoicesGE Briefeddie, and Investor Relations. Doing so helps them stay at the forefront of GE news and share the latest stories through their own networks.

While Ernest is a GE Champion, his official job title is Principal Electrical and Instrumentation Engineer for Gas Turbine Accessories. Much of his job involves ensuring that the gas turbine power plant engineering in Greenville, South Carolina runs smoothly, regularly checking that critical instruments are designed and applied correctly and serving as a liaison between the various groups involved in the engineering process. But a big part of what initially drew Ernest to his job when he joined the company over seven years ago were the opportunities that GE affords to help give back to the next generation of engineers.

When he’s not overseeing the electrical and instrumentation engineering in Greenville, Ernest spends much of his time helping others gain the knowledge and experience necessary to be successful engineers in an increasingly high-tech world. He works closely with the GE Edison Engineering Development Program, where aspiring engineers learn how to make innovative contributions through a rigorous curriculum of projects, coursework, and hands-on experience at GE facilities. Just a few weeks ago, he used materials in his own garage to show new enrollees in the program how to build their own miniature power generators. Ernest also takes time to help these students earn their degrees. In conjunction with Georgia Tech University, he teaches advanced courses in electromagnetics where students can earn credit towards a Master of Science in Engineering.

Ernest believes that these types of learning opportunities go a long way towards making GE so much more than just “your average company." As somebody who used to own his own business, he knows what it takes to succeed and understands the importance of going the extra mile when chances arise to learn new things and improve your abilities. Ernest likens his work at GE to being a part of a successful sports team- when one person can use their strengths to help another person improve, everybody benefits and the whole team is better as a result.

Another thing successful teams do is communicate. Whether it involves learning the latest plays with a coach or reading the latest business updates from John Flannery, clear and consistent communication is a critical component of any winning strategy. And this is where GE Champions like Ernest excel. By subscribing to GE Voices, GE Brief, Eddie, and Investor Relations, he has an easy and efficient way to stay up to date on all the latest GE news since “all four of these channels offers something different with a different perspective”. In turn, Ernest can then share helpful information with his friends and coworkers on professional platforms like LinkedIn. In his own words, “GE does some incredible things in this world and I take a lot of pride in posting it for all to see”.

Ernest’s commitment to giving back embodies what it means to be an exceptional GE employee. By using his knowledge and experience (or as one person recently told him, his “Master’s Degree in Life” to help others succeed in a wide variety of pursuits, he goes above and beyond in making us #GEProud of our dedicated employees. On being a GE Champion, Ernest says “I take a lot of pride in sharing information about GE in much the same way that my wife and I share information about our family and our many accomplishments, setbacks, or challenges.”

Are you like Ernest when it comes to going the extra mile at your job? Do you want to be a GE Champion too? Click to subscribe to GE VoicesGE BriefInvestor Relations and eddie.

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