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Leadership starts in mind with ideas preceding the action - Boston Consulting Center

A very true saying indeed. A human mind is full of thoughts and an idea is nothing else but an organized thought. Till a year back I was like any other IT professional engrossed with projects, clients, status, deadlines and deliverables. Then one day I took a moment to think if I'm happy with what I'm doing. A happy mind and a content heart can deliver the valued outcome. I began to think what I want to do and I took a break from my high paying job.

Hard decisions are often difficult to take but may lead to sweet result at later point of time. That is what happened to me, I had tough times managing my finances with income not coming but then I got the time needed to reinvent myself. I travelled, launched a website to cite travel blogs based on personal experience, explored the area of digital marketing, launched my course on Udemy.com and did an industry certification.

Today back into the corporate world I feel good about myself for giving chance to new ideas and working on them without bothering about failure. Go ahead, discover those thoughts which keep getting lost in routine chores. You never know what good it will bring to you. That's how you bring in invention at workplace too.

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