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GE Healthcare is a $19 billion business – and the scale of its impact reaches far past financials. 3,000 lives are saved daily by doctors who use GE technology, 100% of the top 10 biologic drugs use GE technologies, and 3 billion exams are performed per year on GE imaging machines.

These kinds of lifesaving technologies don’t happen by accident. They came to fruition because GE employees worked hard to create something worth doing. It takes many people and groups to facilitate a successful innovation, but a recent example is Kirstin LaConte and her team behind the LOGIQ E10.

LaConte began her 28-year career at GE after working as a sonographer at a multi-specialty health center in Wisconsin.

“Ultrasound is a very intimate modality,” LaConte said. “As a sonographer you’re actually touching the patient, and the patient is watching you scan and looking at images they don’t understand – but they know that you understand it.”

“It’s really a situation where you understand the impact of what you’re doing – what your expertise is and how that contributes to the overall diagnosis. So much of that means that you rely on the equipment to have that confidence.”

Yet as LaConte worked as a sonographer, she saw room for improvement in the technology she relied on. A part-time gig as a consultant for GE Healthcare grew into a full-time position, prompting LaConte to leave the world of sonography behind – but not completely.

“I wanted to help build a better machine,” she explained. “It’s that simple. I wanted to listen to other clinicians and bring in their ideas to make a better ultrasound system.”

LaConte did exactly that, working on years-long projects like the LOGIQ 700 and the LOGIQ E9. Today, as global product manager for the LOGIQ line, one of Kirstin’s most recent improvements comes in the form of the LOGIQ E10.

“As we listened to what our customers’ concerns were, we realized the LOGIQ E10 needed to be a completely new technology – from an imaging standpoint as well as a digital platform for the future,” LaConte said.

“Our customers and their patients needed more – in a lot of areas.”

More is what they got. The LOGIQ E10 combines comprehensive tools like 2D shear wave elastography, 3D GPS Fusion Imaging, and B-Flow Imaging with workflow solutions like remote control, photo, scan, and compare assist features.

Creating those features required enormous coordination – and a lot of effort from a lot of different teams, according to LaConte.

“Cross-functional management communication was key,” she said. “Working with all the teams, making sure that everyone understood our goals and timeframe – that was everything.”

“There are always going to be difficulties when you’re doing something new like this. It’s going to be hard. As you work through them, you have to remember the who,” LaConte said.

“The impact the LOGIQ E10 has absolutely drives every single thought I have about it,” she continued, slowing down slightly. “It’s about the people, the patient.”

Want to see the LOGIQ E10 online? Check it out here, along with a slew of Healthcare’s incredible technology.

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