GE Garages

Welcome to Garages, GE’s way of empowering anyone and everyone who wants to participate in the next industrial era. Join us at a Garages event or follow us online to discover what’s changing the future of work around the world.

Inside Garages

Technology is changing the way we build — whether sitting at your desk or working on the manufacturing floor. Printers now use plastics and metals instead of just ink. Prototyping happens in a number of hours — not weeks, months or years. Software is sharpening design capabilities beyond a pencil’s reach.

Garages Global Tour

Through Garages, the next frontier of physical and digital innovations is made available for everyone to explore, learn and experiment. Learn about where we’re going next.

Past Garages

From 3D printing in Lagos to designing gas turbines in Algiers, Garages has set up shop in both emerging and established innovation hubs around the world. See what we’ve created.

Our Partners

Wherever Garages goes, we bring with us top experts from GE’s partners. Join us to discover new ways of thinking through design challenges and the latest tools in advanced manufacturing. Explore our partners below.

Open Innovation

By crowdsourcing innovation — with a global network of experts and enthusiasts — GE is helping to solve some of industry’s most pressing challenges.

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