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Four Lessons on Accelerating Innovation from the CIC

January 4, 2017   |   GE Reports Canada

At the Customer Innovation Centre in Calgary, learning is a given. GE’s Chief Innovation Officer Gandeephan Ganeshalingam oversees a program that is constantly seeking efficient and creative ways to address critical challenges for industry. Working with startups and collaborating with industry partners, Ganeshalingam has a unique vantage on what’s happening at the front lines of digital industrial innovation. 

2016 was no exception. Here are some milestones from the year, and the insights that Ganeshalingam drew from these experiences. Click Here to read more.  

GE Adaptix Uses the Power of Data to Increase Efficiency in the Oil Sands

November 25, 2016   |   GE Reports Canada

For most of us, history is the best guide to making efficient decisions. Whether we’re deciding when to have a medical checkup, how to budget for office supplies, or the best way to make coffee, we usually return to the processes or tools that have already worked in the past. Then we hope for the best. It’s no different for oil-sands producers. They rely on experience and history to make decisions about everything from maintenance schedules to extraction processes. 

But what if there were a better way? How would we know?  Click Here to read more.

Beyond Venture Capital: Five Strategies to Grow a Tech Startup

November 15, 2016   |   GE Reports Canada

So you have a brilliant idea. You spotted an opportunity and solved a critical challenge for industry. With your application or device in their toolkit, your customers will save time and money, improve their services, and maybe even make the world a better place. Now you want to develop your prototype into a working product and bring it to market. All you need is a little venture capital, right? Not quite.

Attracting venture capital is more challenging than many realize. The pressure to show revenue as soon as possible can be intense, says Joe Martini, director of Zone Startups Calgary, a business accelerator program focused on the Industrial Internet and the energy sector. Venture capital firms are reticent to invest in any company that isn’t already successful.  Click Here to read more.

How Two Alberta Tech Startups Discovered They Were Better Together

November 4, 2016   |   GE Reports Canada

When Alberta tech startups True Site View Inc. and SmartMat moved into the GE Customer Innovation Centre (CIC) in Calgary this past spring, they finally met their match. Their perfect match, that is. 

The two companies joined Zone Startups Calgary shortly after it launched at the CIC, a downtown innovation hub focused on collaborative solutions to business challenges. There, they discovered that they share similar values and vision, as well as the same frustration: inefficiencies in the industrial construction industry.  Click Here to read more.

Canada’s Pipeline Leaders Talk About the Latest Tech Trends for an Evolving Industry

October 7, 2016   |   GE Reports Canada

On September 28th, many of Canada’s pipeline leaders gathered at the GE Customer Innovation Centre in Calgary to check out the latest digital solutions from multiple companies in the innovation ecosystem. 

Gandeephan Ganeshalingam, CIO of GE Canada, opened Pipeline Technology Day event and spoke about the importance of innovation and collaboration. “Pipelines are at the heart of the national dialogue on Canada’s energy industry and the Customer Innovation Centre wanted to find solutions to help pipeline companies, energy companies and Canadians,” says Ganeshalingam. “Working with our ecosystem of innovators, we’ve been able to accelerate technology development and find real solutions to pipeline operators’ challenges.” Click Here to read more.

What’s Your Problem? (CIC Wants to Know)

August 24, 2016   |   GE Reports Canada

At GE’s Customer Innovation Centre in Calgary, collaboration — along with access to a global network of expertise — is the key to overcoming business challenges. As benchmark light oil continues its dive below $50 per barrel, heavy oil producers feel the pinch of an uncomfortably wide pricing discount and face an acute need to reduce costs. 

Innovation is the key to meeting that goal. And on this front, Canada’s producers have a valuable ally: GE’s Calgary-based Customer Innovation Centre (CIC), one of 12 GE hubs worldwide where industry, experts from GE’s global network and advanced analytical toolsets come together to solve business challenges in a collaborative setting. Click Here to read more.