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Our Stories

Our Stories

Vigilant, in partnership with Hifi Engineering and powered by Predix finds pin-hole leaks, anywhere in a pipeline network, with no false alarms in the control room. You can read more about this here:


We’re collaborating with Stream Systems to optimize complex industrial networks. Anywhere that there is an asset network challenge, Stream can create models of the data to help with better decision-making. You can read more about Stream here:


Adaptix is a set of software tools, powered by Predix, to improve upstream operations by applying machine learning and adaptive intelligence. It take the hugs amounts of data available from oil and gas operations and finds ways to optimize performance and reduce costs. You can read more about Adaptix here:


Eradicating rework on capital projects through next generation digital technologies (LIDAR, drones and RFID)

Veerum eliminates re-work from capital projects using next generation digital technologies including drones , LIDAR and RFID. Their “model of truth” is accurate to the millimeter, and using their software in the planning process removes inefficiencies from the industrial construction industry. You can read more about the “Model of Truth” here:


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