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GE Canada

GE across Canada

The world’s foremost Digital Industrial company, GE Canada has produced industrial solutions for over 128 years and employs over 3000 Canadians across multiple sectors from coast to coast. GE fuels innovation across all its businesses, providing Canadians with cutting edge technology that meets their needs. GE Aviation jet engines power Air Canada and West Jet planes while GE wind turbines power over 563,000 households across the country. For over a century, GE Canada has proven its dedication to consistently delivering outcomes that benefit Canadian people and businesses.

Healthy People, Healthy Planet, Healthy Economy

Energy Transition


GE Canada is partnering with government and industry to unlock the portfolio to enable Canada’s energy transition and creating local supply chains.

Learn more about GE Canada's position paper: Canada Decarbonization White Paper

Future of Precision Healthcare


GE Canada is focused on solving some of the world biggest healthcare challenges through precision diagnosis, treatment & monitoring accelerated through Edison™ platform.

Safe Return to Flight


GE Aviation is advancing decarbonization efforts through increased efficiency, advanced technology and aerodynamics. GE Canada’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are some of the most productive global sites, designing and developing cutting edge materials & technologies to be exported globally.