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GE in the Benelux

GE in the Benelux

For the past 60 years GE has built up a strong presence in the Benelux region. We are a multi-sectorial company with major industrial and financial businesses – such as energy, oil & gas, transportation, aviation, healthcare and financial services.

Today, GE in the Benelux has over 2000 employees working in over 20 main locations. In 2015, GE's Benelux revenues exceeded $1.3Bn.

Our unique expertise in mobility, energy and healthcare solutions is closely aligned with the Benelux economy. Every day we work hard, together with our customers, suppliers and stakeholders at delivering top-class technologies, innovation and services supporting the region’s sustainability targets.

It is through this cooperation, that we believe we can help power and move the Benelux to sustainable growth.