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GE brings power boost to Bangladesh

Bangladesh is at the cusp of rapid transformation, and electricity is one of the key drivers that is steering the rapid industrialization of the country. The repowering of Ghorashal power station, which is one of the power hubs and the largest power station in Bangladesh, will play a pivotal role in achieving the energy goals of the country. GE has been awarded contracts for the repowering of Unit 3 and Unit 4 of the power plant.

For the Unit 3, GE will repower the existing 210 MW Power Machines (LMZ 200) steam turbine —which is run by a gas-fired boiler—by transforming it into a combined cycle power plant. The repowering will be achieved by installing a gas turbine and a heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) to generate an efficient 416.3 MW in combined cycle mode.

As part of the scope for Unit 4, the existing gas-fired boiler will be substituted with GE’s advanced 9F.03 AGP Gas Turbine with Advanced Gas Path (AGP) technology including advisory services for installation, performance testing and two years of operational spares during warranty period. The repowering will add 25 years to the overall lifetime of the power plant, increase its efficiency from the existing 31% to more than 53%.

Collectively, the repowering of Unit 4 and Unit 3 of the power plant will result in an addition of more than 400 MW of clean energy to the national grid of Bangladesh.