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GE Transportation delivers breakthrough efficiencies through brilliant connected machines, use advanced manufacturing techniques that bring innovative concepts to life more efficiently and cost effectively and deliver on a promise of speed to move them faster to market.


  • Leading diesel-electric locomotive manufacturer with the largest diesel locomotive fleet across the globe (over 21,000 locomotives in operation)
  • GE Evolution® Series Locomotive for heavy-haul freight trains that meet EPA “Tier 4” emission requirements - a global first


GE Mining solutions can carry your business through every step of the mining process. From the delivery of reliable power in remote regions, to water supply and management, to maximizing the output of your equipment - our solutions are catered specifically to your business’s challenges in the most productive, most efficient and even more importantly, the safest way possible.

Marine, Stationary and Drill

  • Technology leader with advanced diesel engines that reduce key emissions by more than 70%, enabling “in-engine” compliance with IMO Tier III that eliminates the need for expensive and complete aftermarket fitments of urea
  • Market leader in high performance electric drill motors that find extensive use in harsh onshore and offshore Oil and Gas applications