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Our Company

Our Company

At GE, we base everything we do around four ways we can change the world.

Hooked on Photonics

Researchers at the Electrical Technologies and Systems lab are stretching the boundaries of what light can do.


Advancing Fiber Optic Technology

GE Lighting’s breakthrough marks the beginning of the fiber optics revolution in communications.


Building Enduring Communities

To succeed as a global business, we need to be part of building the societies where we operate.


Deb Frodl, Global Executive Director, ecomagination

A 24-year GE veteran, Deb leads the business strategy that drives innovation and profitable growth for clean energy solutions.



ecomagination is GE’s commitment to imagine and build innovative solutions to today’s environmental challenges while driving economic growth.

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healthymagination is a shared commitment to creating better health for more people. healthymagination is about becoming healthier, through the sharing of imaginative ideas and proven solutions.

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Watch what we’re doing to move, cure, build, and power Australia.


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