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Customer Training

Customer Training

GE invests over $1billion globally each year on training and development programs for employees, future leaders and executives. We believe that continuous education is a key element of our success. And we believe our customers should share in the benefits of our investment.

The campus of our Leadership Centre in Crotonville, New York, provides the epicentre for our world-renowned training programs, and each year a number of places are made available on campus for Australian & New Zealand customers. In addition, select training courses from GE’s Learning & Development curriculum as well as expert speakers from across the globe, are brought to our doorstep exclusively for local customers in Australia, New Zealand and across the ASEAN region.

For our customers, these courses provide a unique opportunity to experience GE’s transformational thinking in areas such as leadership development, change management, organisational culture and innovation, while building deeper relationships within their own teams, with their GE partners and with other business leaders in strategic markets.

Global Customer Summit (GCS)

GE Australia & New Zealand sponsors a select number of customers each year to attend the annual GCS week in Crotonville, New York. Attendees have the opportunity to learn from some of the world’s most influential academics and business leaders over the course of a week-long training curriculum. The Summit also offers a remarkable opportunity for attendees to simultaneously expand their international network with like-minded leaders from across the globe while learning in a world class training facility. Executive customers within the ASEAN region are eligible for invitation by nomination through their GE Relationship Manager.

Leadership for Customers (LFC)

Every year, GE Australia & New Zealand brings Crotonville’s foremost training course to Melbourne with the aim of sharing with our customers the same leadership development training that our own leaders receive. The three and a half day LFC course focuses on skills development in areas such as 2020 Leadership, Strategic Decision Making, Coaching and Strategic Storytelling, and the schedule ensures there is ample opportunity to build professional relationships with both peers and GE senior leaders in an intimate classroom setting. LFC is open to customers by nomination through their GE Relationship Manager.

“The structure, speakers and facilities were some of the best I’ve seen. The content was excellent as well – I got a lot out of it and it was highly relevant to my work focus at the moment. It was also a lot of fun and I made several very good contacts.” General Manager, major Australian building company, in attendance at LFC 2013.

Jandakot Skills Development Centre

The rapid advancement of technology across a number of the sectors in which GE operates – oil & gas, healthcare, mining, transportation and power generation – has contributed to a high demand in Australia for qualified, skilled employees to operate the technology of tomorrow safely and effectively.

The 2,500sqm GE Skills Development Centre in Jandakot, Perth, provides our staff and the staff of our customers with tailored training programs, critical to increasing workforce productivity. GE partners with Registered training Organisations (RTOs) to deliver outcomes to qualification level.

The custom-built, state-of-the-art facility features an experiential learning workshop that allows students a high level of hands-on familiarity with complex, large-scale equipment.  There centre also has a variety of other flexible training spaces and meeting rooms, a tiered 80-seat training auditorium and expansive conference areas to meet a wide range of training requirements.

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For any information on these Customer Education programs please contact your GE relationship manager.