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GE Aviation in Australia

GE Aviation in Australia

High-performance technology for long-haul travel

When you travel in Australia, chances are you’re travelling a long way. Australia has more aircraft per head than any other country, and GE supplies commercial aircraft engines to all local carriers, including Qantas, Jetstar, Air New Zealand, Virgin Australia and Regional Express. We make it possible for Qantas to fly further and faster by powering Australia’s longest flight, from Sydney to London.

We also supply the Commonwealth government with safe, strong and dynamic engines and systems for military and marine use, and our airports have led the way globally in adopting GE’s ground-breaking performance-based navigation systems.

Commercial engines and services

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of large jet aircraft engines, our product line continues to make advances in fuel-efficiency and reliability. This includes the breakthrough LEAP engine, manufactured by CFM, a 50:50 joint venture between Snecma of France and GE, which will soon power Jetstar’s 78 Airbus A320-neo aircraft.

We also manage service support for all our engines, an increasingly important service for the growing number of low-cost operators looking for on-time reliability and safety without internal maintenance overheads.

Military engines and services

GE engine technology powers Australia’s front-line combat aircraft, VIP transports, tankers, and surveillance fleets as well as warships. GE provides turnkey solutions, through life support of its engines, ensuring uncompromised operational capability to Australia’s military forces.    

Aviation systems and services

From cockpit displays and onboard computing in Hawk jet trainers to composite-bladed Dowty propellers on both military and civil aircraft to the most technologically advanced avionics and computer systems, GE has a significant presence in aviation in Australia. These systems are serviced in Brisbane, Newcastle and RAAF Base Richmond – Brisbane being the largest GE Aviation Systems facility in the Asia-Pacific region.

Flight Efficiency Services

GE technology has moved aircraft navigation from ground-based controls to the air, saving time and fuel with safer systems that allow planes to land in challenging weather and terrains, while producing less noise.

These systems are already in use in six airports around Australia, and GE works with airlines to integrate specific procedures unique to their aircraft.

Business and General Aviation (B&GA)

GE Aviation’s Business & General Aviation (BGA) Turboprops is a recognised leader in the design, development and manufacture of turboprop engines. With more than 1,600 turboprops in service and more than 17 million flight hours to date in Australia, BGA Turboprop engines have a proven record of performance and reliability in extreme conditions.