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GE has been in ASEAN for over a century working on things that matter, bringing technology and solutions for infrastructure development to support the dynamic growth of ASEAN, and providing jobs to over 10,000 GE employees throughout the region.

GE established a presence in Cambodia in 2007, developing partnerships with private and public sectors. GE businesses that have become active in Cambodia are GE Power, Grid Solutions and GE Healthcare.

Partnership with Governments and local authorities form a very important part of GE’s growth in Cambodia. We have signed agreements with the Government and other private companies on Power, Grid Connection and Healthcare to develop infrastructure projects, including sustainable energy solutions, providing efficient and reliable transportation as well as improving access to quality healthcare.


We operate accross a number of business sectors in Cambodia 


GE Healthcare provides innovative medical technologies and services that are shaping a new age in patient care.

  • GE Foundation, through the Developing Health Globally™ Program (DHG), has donated over $13 million worth of medical equipment to upgrade the infrastructure and increase access to care at 31 hospitals in 24 provinces in Cambodia since 2008. Equipment donated as part of the most recent phase of the GE Foundation’s Developing Health Globally program included critical equipment for hospital services such as maternal and child care, emergency, surgery, radiology and laboratory, such as ultrasounds, x-rays, ventilators and monitors.
  • The GE Foundation also provided clinic application training to hospital staff on the use of the equipment. In 2011, John Rice, Vice Chairman of GE for Global Growth and Operation, witnessed installations of new mobile X-ray, ultrasound, and monitoring equipment in all CPA3 hospitals at a ceremony at Calmette Hospital.


GE is the world’s leading producer of large and small engines for commercial, military, business and general aircraft, as well as avionics, electric power and mechanical systems.

  • GE Capital Aviation Services (GECAS), the commercial aircraft leasing and financing unit of GE signed a general cooperation memorandum of understanding (MOU) in May 2015 with Cambodia's State Secretariat of Civil Aviation – an initial step to enable its AviaSolutions aviation consulting unit to negotiate a contract for a consulting project.
  • Following the MOU, AviaSolutions will propose advisory services to assist in the development of a long-term strategic aviation policy for Cambodia. The consulting and advisory services could include top-level strategic planning, traffic forecasting, recommendations for aviation regulatory policies and recommendations for developing employment in the aviation sector.

Power and Water

  • With a broad array of power generation and energy delivery technologies, GE works in all areas of the energy industry including renewable resources such as wind and solar; biogas and other alternative fuels; and coal, oil, natural gas and nuclear energy.
  • In April 2017, GE is commissioned to supply technologies and solutions including Boiler, Electrostatic Precipitator and Steam Turbine Generation systems for Cambodia Energy Limited’s new 135 MW Sihanoukville coal fired power plant. This deal is the first project for GE Power in Cambodia, and GE’s first partnership with TPSC. Expecting on time completion by Nov’19 and once completed, it is expected to provide electricity to thousands of households.
  • In April 2017, a Memorandum of Understanding was also signed between GE and the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) to install a Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS) to track and analyze the emission levels of power plants nationwide. This project is in the final preparation phase. The team is working to finalize the digital solution and expect to deploy towards the end of the year.


GE is a supplier to the railroad, marine, drilling, wind and mining industries. It provides cutting-edge freight and passenger locomotives, railway signaling and communications systems, information technology solutions, high-quality replacement parts and value added services.

Oil & Gas

GE positions itself as one of the world’s leading equipment and services’ providers in the oil and gas space. With unique capabilities across the entire value chain - from oil and gas drilling equipment and subsea systems, to turbomachinery solutions and downstream processing.


GE Lighting specializes in lighting solutions around the world, helping advance new technologies such as fluorescents and light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that operate with more efficiency, less cost and less environmental impact than ever before. It has credited itself by lighting some of the world’s most recognized landmarks and places such as Olympic and World Cup Stadiums, London’s Tower and Golden Gate Bridges, among others.

Energy Management

Offering a full range of electrical capabilities, our global teams design industry leading technology to improve the transmission, distribution and conversion of electricity, and to help provide safe, efficient and reliable electrical power.

We value partnerships

Partner for Innovation

  • The GE Foundation, the philanthropic organization of GE, is partnering with the Ministry of Health in Cambodia to implement programs that help improve access to healthcare. The projects, defined through collaboration with Ministry of Health based on pressing needs include improving infrastructure with technology and training (i.e. Biomedical Engineering Training (BMET) training program) at public hospitals and clinics, increasing the pipeline of primary care physicians in the public sector, and improving maternal and newborn care to reduce infection and mortality rates.
  • On March 21, 2017, GE ASEAN & ANZ CEO Wouter kicked start the inauguration of new water purification system installed at Bun Rany Hun Sen Rokarkong Referral Hospital – the 10th provincial hospital to benefit from Safe Water in Health Facilities program. The new water system would critically enhance the quality of treatments as well as bringing more practical values for thousands of patients across the whole country.
  • Through partnering with local and international partners such as Engineering World Health, Duke University, Calmette Hospital, and the University of Puthisastra, Phnom Penh the GE foundation is tackling an important gap in Cambodia's public health system. A gap that is symptomatic of healthcare deficiencies in the developing world, where an estimated 40% of medical equipment is out of service. The mobilization of capital, knowledge, and locally-sourced parts can quickly put two-thirds of these tools back into use, which will be achieved through these partnerships.
  • Underpinning all healthcare activities is the need for safe and potable water. In September 2014, GE Foundation contributed $3.1 million towards a Safe Water Project to install water filtration systems in 10 Cambodia provincial hospitals.
  • In May 2017, the World Economic Forum was hosted in Phnom Penh Cambodia. John Rice – GE VP has joined the panel discussion on Youth, Digital and Infrastructure development and affirmed GE’s strong commitment to support Cambodia’s growth.

We invest in people

Employee Training: Globally, GE invests $1 billion each year on training and education, making us the world’s best company for leaders in 2015. GE offers numerous development, training and leadership programs to its employees across the region. These opportunities include our Commercial Leadership Program, Financial Management Program, GE Engineering Management Program, internships for undergraduate and graduate students, and technical and soft skill training for businesses personnel.

GE Foundation: Started in 2008 in Cambodia with focus on the areas of Maternal Child Health, Safe Water, Biomedical Engineering Training, and Equipment Donation. We work closely with our partners including Ministry of Health, University of Puthisastra, Calmette Hospital, Engineering World Health, Duke University, Assist International, and Emory University in making a difference to the local community through various health and education programs.

Contact Information:

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