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Built on Open Culture and Dialogue, Lean is a game changer for GE

Lean management is more than a buzzword for GE managers and employees worldwide – its concepts, which focus on respect for people and continuous improvement, significantly shape how GE teams think and develop new ways to advance in critical areas such as safety, quality, efficiency and customer service. Lean processes and working styles can’t succeed in isolation, though. To produce optimal results, Lean must be ingrained in corporate cultures promoting openness, humility and transparency.

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Bring It On: High Winds, A Volcano & Pandemic Didn’t Stop These Engineers From Getting The Job Done

The three GE engineers were all worrying about the same thing: Would the crane and the generator arrive at the same time? Ganesh Potharaju, Guy Stoeckel and Charlie Clement had spent months planning, down to the minute, how to swap out a 30-year-old steam-powered generator for a brand-new one at the Calaca power station on Luzon, the largest and most populous island in the Philippines.

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