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Bring It On: High Winds, A Volcano & Pandemic Didn’t Stop These Engineers From Getting The Job Done

The three GE engineers were all worrying about the same thing: Would the crane and the generator arrive at the same time? Ganesh Potharaju, Guy Stoeckel and Charlie Clement had spent months planning, down to the minute, how to swap out a 30-year-old steam-powered generator for a brand-new one at the Calaca power station on Luzon, the largest and most populous island in the Philippines.

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The Value of Leadership: The Story of Maung Muang Naing

Myanmar represents the second largest country in the Southeast Asian region by sheer land size and has the fifth highest population numbers among the region’s various countries. Equipped with a growing economy, projected to grow at 7.4% over the next 5 years[i], Myanmar poses vastly untapped potential across sectors, particularly in its healthcare industry. Rapid economic development in the country’s sectors precedes the growth of the healthcare industry which leads to many patients having to turn to neighbouring countries within the region for medical care. [ii] In 2016 alone, over 56% of Burmese patients chose Thailand for its close proximity to travel to and for its best-value in medical check-ups, while 19% look to India for their known asset of medical experts with the remaining 11% and 5% owing to Singapore and Malaysia, respectively.

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