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GE has been operating in Angola since 1967. Today, GE employs more than 500 people in businesses spanning across key sectors including oil and gas, power, aviation, healthcare and rail transportation. 

GE has been collaborating with the Angolan government and other players in the private sector to help the country achieve its Vision 2025 goals. This collaboration has helped Angola explore a variety of opportunities, from new ways to generate power to modernizing the rail transportation sector.


Powering Angola Forward

At GE we believe in the Power of Power to enable families, hospitals, and schools to do more. Year to date, GE’s commitment to powering Angola forward has enabled the deployment and installation of more than 30 power generation turbines across multiple power plants in Angola. In addition, GE supplied its world class 9E gas turbines as well as steam turbines to the combined cycle power plant in Soyo, Angola. GE’s 9E. has multiple features that help reduce fuel costs and with minimal environmental impact. At full potential the Soyo combined cycle power plant will generate 750MW, benefiting millions of families, schools and hospitals.  GE Power continues to play an active role in strengthening the power sector by changing the longstanding narrative in the Angolan energy space with innovative energy projects like Soyo (Phases I & II) and the 200MW Angola Fast Power project providing power for up to 15% of Angola’s population with twenty-five TM2500 mobile aero-derivative gas turbine generator sets.

Other milestones include:

  • GE Power equipment present and operational in Angola since 1960
  • GE power generation equipment is installed and operational in 10 Angolan provinces
  • About 80% of gas to power generation in Angola uses GE technology, providing power to more than 1,9 million Angolan households.
  • In 2017, GE funded energy projects in Angola with $ 1.1 billion, first of its kind financing strategy in sub-Saharan Africa.

Oil and Gas

BHGE the only fullstream integrated service and equipment manufacturing (OEM) company, supports Oil and Gas operations in Angola since 1960, serving as a partner to the major IOC’s present in Angola, with a scope that goes from the bottom of the well through the subsea infrastructure and topside equipment and operations. Our scope goes from upstream, midstream to downstream covering well services and construction, subsea infrastructure manufacturing and installation as well as power and compression trains supply and maintenance both for upstream offshore infrastructure facilities, (i.e. oil platforms and FPSO’s) midstream plants (i.e. LNG) and downstream (i.e. refinery). The multimodal facility located at Sonils Base, is our primary service center for deep water offshore projects in Angola. Well established capabilities include subsea tree assembly and test capabilities; indoor Turbomachinery overhauling services for gas turbines, and an outside storage area that can withstand up to 10T/SQM load capacity.


Our people are the key to our success, to deliver in this business we have invested and will continue to invest in building a strong pipeline of local talent to support local business needs in Angola and the Sub Saharan Africa region.


Key Capabilities:

  • Subsea tree assembly & testing
  • Drilling Offshore
  • Drilling Services
  • Completion Services
  • Well-Bore Intervention
  • Wire Line Services Cementing Services
  • Sand Control Services
  • Upstream Chemicals
  • Reservoir Development Services
  • TurboMachinery Technology Supply and Services
  • Offshore field installation & onshore support
  • Rental tool maintenance & certification
  • Inspection, recertification of H4 connectors and drilling risers
  • Maintenance & storage of customer-owned equipment
  • Tubular fabrication repairs
  • Well jumper assembly & testing

Rail Transportation

GE's partnership with the Angolan Rail Company started in 1967 with the delivery of the first U20-C Diesel Electric Locomotives.  In 2015, GE signed a contract that would modernize eight U20-C locomotives from the existing fleet delivered 51 years ago and in addition provide 100 new GE C30ACi locomotives to Instituto Nacional Dos Caminhos de Ferro Angola (INCFA – the national railway company). With 3 of 8 modernizations completed and 79 of 100 new locomotives commissioned and delivered to CFM, CFB and CFL, the rail industry in Angola is on track has received a new breath of air. 

Other milestones include:

Supply of 5 generators GE 16V250 50HZ, 3897 MW of 1000RPM and ancillary equipment to Prodel for the Capopa thermoelectrical plant in Malange. The plant has 19,6 MW capacity and will benefit more than 35.000 people as well as the commerce and services while creating the conditions to promote the social and economic development of the Malange province. The power plant is running since inauguration date, September 17, 2015.


GE’s Large Commercial Jet Engines power TAAG aircrafts supporting intercontinental and domestic itineraries.


GE is committed to the sustainable development of Africa’s future through GE Kujenga, our sustainability program in Africa. The word Kujenga means “build” in Swahili. Our approach is to empower people by building valuable skills, equip communities with new tools and technology, and elevate ideas that are helping to solve Africa’s challenges. To date, GE businesses have invested more than $19,000,000 in CSI programs throughout the region, impacting over 91,000 lives.

In Angola, GE through GE Kujenga and its employees volunteer program, GE Volunteers, has implemented several projects. These include

  • Donation of $200,000.00 to HIV and Tuberculosis projects in Angola.
  • Support of the Soyo Vocational Training Center: GE in partnership with Africare provided vital educational tools, such as computers, printers and materials for practical training in electricity and welding courses with the aim of improving the center.
  • GE Volunteers: From the Lourenco Amadeu Orphanage in Cabinda to the Shelter Center for disadvantaged children in Zango and environmental causes in Luanda, Cabinda and Huambo, GE's volunteer team in Angola has been working actively on sustainability projects to build the communities in which it operates. 

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