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GE is focused on business development and building Mozambique’s future through key investments in a wide variety of industries including; Oil & Gas, Transportation and Energy Connections, Power and Healthcare. Committed to growing in Mozambique, GE has continued to make significant investments in the country’s Human capital.


In addition to business development, GE is committed to capacity building and developing a new generation of Mozambican leaders, with more than 50% of the local team taking part in leadership or technical programs. In supporting capacity building in the country, GE has partnered with local universities to enhance their curriculum. We work with local institutions such as INP (National Petroleum Institution) to deliver courses in Mozambique that otherwise are normally given at the Oil & Gas University in Florence, Italy.



The locomotive industry in Mozambique is growing at a rapid pace. GE is working to develop the critical import and export links that will help further connect Mozambique in the global economy. Since 2012 over 120 locomotives have been delivered to Mozambique and we have been providing technical support to our customers.

Oil and Gas


GE has provided subsea wellheads for multiple wells in Area 4 of the Rovuma Basin. GE continues to engage with stakeholders to create further oil and gas opportunities in Mozambique. Recognizing that training is critical, GE Oil & Gas employed 20 engineers for the Graduate Engineering Training Program (GETP), which involves intensive hands-on training outside Mozambique.


GE is committed to the sustainable development of Mozambique’s future through GE Kujenga, our sustainability program in Africa. The word kujenga means “build” in Swahili. Our approach is to empower people by building valuable skills, equip communities with new tools and technology, and elevate ideas that are helping to solve Africa’s challenges. Learn more

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To send inquiries, including feedback, requests for information, and questions regarding the site, you can use our Feedback and Inquiries form. Please contact our country office:

Av 24 de Juhlo nr 1123
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Maputo, Mozambique
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