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In January 2014, GE and the Government of Ethiopia signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) outlining potential areas of cooperation to jointly develop projects in energy, aviation/transportation and healthcare sectors to support key infrastructure initiatives being developed under Ethiopia’s Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP). 

GE recognizes Ethiopia as a major infrastructure development hub – as such our companies have been present and are actively participating in key Ethiopia projects for over 20 years. Our presence in Ethiopia has grown from 1 person in 2011 to 40 professionals in 2017. More than 90% of our staff are Ethiopians, supporting and helping to deliver on critical infrastructure projects through job creation, technology solutions, supply chain development, knowledge transfer programs and robust capacity development initiatives. As a premier digital-industrial company, GE is committed to supporting and participating in the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia’s march toward middle-income status by way of the Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP)


We operate across a range of sectors in Ethiopia:


  • Ethiopian Airlines is GE’s major partner in the country – GE Aviation jet engines power over 56% of the Airline’s wide-body fleet.
  • In Nov. 2013, GE and Ethiopian Airlines signed a 10-year OnPointSM solution agreement for maintenance, repair and overhaul of its GE90 engines in the Airlines’ MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) facility.
  • GE Aviation is delivering a robust program of knowledge transfer which is developing Ethiopian’s capability to maintain its engines (GE90 & CFM56) and that of third-party airlines.
  • As part of the GE-Ethiopian Airlines partnership construct, Ethiopian Airlines is now servicing other airlines’ engines with the company recently witnessing the induction of the first third-party CFM engine to the MRO.


  • In Ethiopia, GE Healthcare has partnered with Infinity Advanced Technology Solutions PLC (previously Boston Medical) since 2011 to introduce innovation in healthcare expansion and service delivery throughout the country.
  • The partnership with Infinity has enabled GE Healthcare to establish strong service capability in Ethiopia to deliver timely and complete after-market support for public and private sector clients who have invested in GE Healthcare solutions. This partnership has also allowed GE Healthcare to introduce clinical education to our customers in alignment with and in support of the Federal Ministry of Health’s aggressive Health Sector Transformation Plan.
  • Since 2011, GE Healthcare has built impactful relationships with university hospitals such as Ayder (Mekele), Black Lion and St. Paul University Hospitals (Addis Ababa) by providing end-to-end sustainable healthcare solutions in partnership with Infinity. 
  • In collaboration with USAID, GE Healthcare funded a project to support the Federal Ministry of Health’s goal in reducing maternal and child mortality in Ethiopia. The project equipped 4 Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU) in 4 referral hospitals (Adama, Assela, Hawassa, and Hossana) and provided functional and recurring training, and monitoring & evaluation to staff in partnership with the Ethiopian Pediatrics Society. The program monitored both the impact of this innovative public-private partnership on patients and staff via strong data management system and satisfaction surveys. The results showed that with competency and risk-sharing with private sector, incremental improvements can be made.  
  • GE Healthcare continues to work closely with public and private hospitals as solutions provider bringing technology, education, digital data management and impact measurement to our patients.


  • GE Hydro is supplying 8 (of 16) Francis hydroelectric turbines and generator sets for the 6000MW Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD). Installation of the first two units is underway and includes an extensive knowledge transfer program to benefit the staff of our customer, Metals and Engineering Corporation (METEC).
  • In the 120MW Ashegoda Wind Farm, the first wind farm in Ethiopia, GE delivered a multi-year Operations & Maintenance (O&M) contract to ensure the plant’s performance and availability.
  • GE Grid Solutions has completed rehabilitation of 11 key substations in Ethiopia as part of Ethiopian Electric Power’s (EEP) Electricity Transmission System Improvement Program (ETSIP2). GE Grid Solutions engineering and installation teams completed energization of the last substation in August 2016. This is a crucial project aimed at addressing immediate needs for stable distribution infrastructure in Ethiopia to support the ever-increasing demand and generating capacity.
  • GE Grid Solutions/Energy Connections (GS/EC) has a proven track record of executing turnkey projects in Ethiopia for more than two decades which include:
    • Northern Ethiopia Power Transmission Project
    • Sebeta 230kV Substation and Ring Interconnection Project
    • Bahir Dar-Gonder Power Transmission Project 
    • MOAE-1 (Mota & Addis East-II) Power Transmission Project 
    • Protection Relays Refurbishment Project (PRP-1)
    • Ethiopian Load Dispatch Center (LDC) SCADA/EMS project
    • Ashegoda Windfarm Exit Substation Project, and
    • ETSIP2-L2 Substations Upgrading & Expansion Project
  • GE has supplied products and systems, as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), to various EPCs that worked in Ethiopia through the years and will continue to power the country.


GE is committed to the sustainable development of Ethiopia’s future through GE Kujenga, our sustainability program in Africa. The word kujenga means “build” in Swahili. Our approach is to empower people by building valuable skills, equip communities with new tools and technology, and elevate ideas that are helping to solve Africa’s challenges. Learn more

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