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Our culture is about providing everyone who works here with opportunities to exercise their responsibility, integrity, and creativity while growing themselves, their careers, and our business.

Life at GE in the UAE


Crotonville is GE’s global leadership institute. Often described as the epicenter of GE culture, Crotonville is both a place and an ideal. It connects past, present, and future — our heritage and our vision. Here, we seek to define the state of the art of leadership, sharing ideas with the most influential thinkers in academia and business, and creating transformative learning experiences to inspire, connect and develop the GE leaders of today and tomorrow.

Founded in 1956, Crotonville is the world’s first major corporate university. The 59-acre main campus in New York, USA, hosts thousands of GE employees and customers each year. In the UAE employees and customer can attend Crotonville leadership courses at LAB, a learning center established with Mubadala, in Abu Dhabi.


With 6,000 employees from 76 countries, GE’s operations in the region reflect the diverse nature of the local communities we serve and the people with whom we do business. According to a World Bank report issued in 2012, women constitute 25 percent or less of the total workforce in the region. At GE, we see gender diversity and inclusiveness as an essential part of our productivity, creativity, innovation and competitive advantage.

The Women’s Network fosters the professional growth and development of women working at GE by providing mentoring, networking, skills development, and coaching on career paths. Our primary mandate is developing and retaining talented women.


For more than a century, volunteerism has been a vibrant part of GE's culture, as both an individual employee activity as well as an organizational effort. We coordinate our resources — including products, matching gifts, grants and people — to create responses tailored to local and individual challenges. Today, the ultimate measure of GE's business is found in the improvements to the lives touched by our work.

In 2013, seven GE employees cycled 330 kilometers through all seven UAE emirates in a five-day challenge that raised $44,000. The money, which was matched by the GE Foundation, went to the Al Manzil School for Special Needs in Sharjah. During Ramadan, more than 10,000 volunteers, some of them GE employees, collectively put together 5,000 Ramadan Care Packages for foreign workers living in UAE labor camps.