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GE Power Conversion in the UAE

GE’s Power Conversion business provides a complete electrification platform for diverse sectors. Our drives, motors and automation systems are designed and manufactured to operate efficiently in challenging applications and severe environments where reliability, safety and ease of maintenance are critical.

Based out of the Abu Dhabi regional headquarters, GE Power Conversion provides tailored solutions to customers that align with local requirements. The business focuses on the oil and gas industry and oversees the commercial operations in the region, including engineering and tendering.


Oil & Gas

Power Conversion solutions use rotating machines, power electronics and automation systems to deliver a complete electrification offering for the oil and gas sector. Drawing on in-depth knowledge of industry processes and challenges, GE helps increase reliability, safety and efficiency across upstream and downstream applications.


Offshore electrification helps keep facilities operating in harsh environments, enabling improved flexibility, safety and cost efficiency with minimal environmental impact. Our high-speed induction motor, or MGV, is a robust subsea solution able to provide up to 40 megawatts of electricity with no gearbox losses.


Electricity from GE’s onshore generators is powered by a variety of solutions, including gas and steam turbines, diesel and gas reciprocating engines, as well as wind and hydro turbines.


GE Power Conversion provides partners with solutions that keep them more competitive and sustainable. GE serves the growing solar power industry by providing concentrated solar power (CSP) steam turbines for boiler feed pumps fully integrated power conversion systems, ideal for medium to large grid connected photovoltaic plants. Part of GE's offering includes inverters, power stations and monitoring systems for utility-scale solar farms providing high reliability and performance even in extreme environmental conditions.

Power generation

GE provides steam and combined cycle power generators to utilities, both in and outside the UAE. GE’s Power Conversion business also provides critical applications, such as boiler feed pumps, ID, FD and PA fans, as well as cooling water pumps and auxiliary drives.


Reliability, efficiency and sustainability are everyday requirements in the metals industry. GE plants with electrical and automation systems meet metal processors’ vast array of needs, improving material characteristics and boosting economic and ecological benefits for our customers.


GE’s Power Conversion solutions are integrated throughout the mining process, from extraction to material handling, and are designed to improve reliability, power density and overall efficiency.

Test systems

GE’s Power Conversion has developed sophisticated solutions that help improve performance. The equipment under test has to be examined under extreme speed, torque, and dynamic response conditions to ensure it will endure over its normal lifetime without any failure. In addition, our test bench engineering utilizes the simulation of virtual equipment and subassemblies to save cost and development time.


GE’s Power Conversion business can increase the safety, efficiency and reliability of customers’ water distribution and filtering assets. In 2013, GE won a $10 million contract to supply eight pump drive trains, as well as process automation, for the largest wastewater treatment plant in the world. Located just outside Abu Dhabi, the facility will provide water for local agricultural needs.