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Our regional headquarters in the UAE, in one of the world’s most important oil and gas producing regions, allows us to support our upstream and downstream customers in a timely and cost-effective way.

GE Oil & Gas in the UAE


Energy efficiency

To curb consumption of natural gas and other fuel sources, utilities today rely on computer hardware and Energy Management Systems (EMS) that enable them centrally monitor, analyze, optimize, simulate and control generation and transmission assets in real time.

Electrification trend

GE is developing transmission and distribution networks to power oil and gas production equipment operating deep in the seabed. Installing processing equipment on the sea floor, closer to the producing wellheads, dramatically reduces production costs and enhances oil recovery.


Converting gas into sulfur-free synthetic crude oil that can be easily shipped by tankers significantly enhances the commercial value of natural gas reserves.

CNG in A Box

Natural gas is an abundant, cleaner-burning and less expensive fuel than both gasoline and diesel. GE’s CNG In A Box™ system makes it faster, easier and cheaper for fleet operators to fuel up their natural gas vehicles (NGVs). It also enables regional gas companies to better serve NGV owners – including individual consumers and organizations alike.

Products & Services:

Enhanced oil recovery

Carbon Capture & Sequestration (CCS) separates CO2 from other gas components to enable safe storage, transport and use in other industrial applications. GE’s CCS solutions increase production efficiencies and reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

Artificial lift

In 2013, GE acquired Lufkin Industries Inc., a leading provider of artificial lift technologies for the oil and gas industry and a manufacturer of industrial gears. The acquisition broadened GE Oil & Gas’ artificial lift capabilities beyond electric submersible pumps (ESPs). It now also includes rod lift, gas lift, plunger lift, hydraulic lift, progressive cavity pumps and a sophisticated array of well automation and production optimization controls and software.


Technical training is one of the most important investments a company can make. A highly trained workforce creates a competitive advantage in the marketplace. That’s why GE Oil & Gas provides a comprehensive portfolio of technical training courses for a wide range of products. These courses can be conducted at the customer’s site, in our Florence Learning Center, or in any of our other dedicated training Facilities located throughout the world.