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GE Aviation in the UAE

Every 30 seconds, an aircraft equipped with GE technology takes off in the Middle East and North Africa. With almost 2,900 jet engines in service, GE and its joint venture partners help fly two-thirds of all flights in the region. Our Aviation business supports more than 80 airline customers with dedicated field service and sales support teams.

GE invests significantly in the region. Through its GE Advanced Technology and Research Center (GE ATRC) at the Qatar Science & Technology Park, GE offers maintenance training on its advanced jet engines to assist the needs of its customers the region. GE has partnered with Dubai’s Emirates Airlines to design and construct the airline’s Test Cell Facility, as well as its state-of-the-art engine maintenance shop.

Jet Engines:


The newest member of the GE aircraft engine family, the innovative GE9X, has been years in the making. Advanced technologies and materials help to create this ultra-efficient, powerful twin-aisle engine. A record-setting 27:1 compressor ratio and latest 3D aerodynamic design in the turbine will help make the power plant GE’s most fuel-efficient widebody aircraft engine. In 2013, Emirates and Etihad Airways, airlines based in the UAE, ordered 350 of the new GE9X engines, which will enter service by the end of the decade.


The GEnx aircraft engine uses the latest generation materials and design processes to reduce weight, improve fuel efficiency and lower maintenance costs for mid-size, long-range aircrafts such as the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The GEnx has powered Emirates’ Boeing 747-8 Freighters since 2010, and will soon be powering Etihad Airways’ fleet of Boeing 787s.


Originally certified in 1995 at 84,700 lbs. of thrust, today's GE90 engine powers more advanced Boeing 777 aircraft, capable of flying farther, faster and more efficiently than their predecessors. It powers five different types of Boeing 777. At 127,000 pound of thrust, the GE90-115B is one of the world’s most powerful jet engines. The GE90 proudly powers Emirates’ and Etihad Airways’ wide-body aircraft fleets.


LEAP aircraft engines, developed by CFM International (CFM), a joint venture of GE Aviation and France’s Snecma, will reduce fuel burn, noise and NOx emissions, while maintaining CFM’s highly regarded engine reliability. In 2013, Etihad Airways announced a $2.8 billion order with CFM for 52 Leap-1A engines to power 26 new Airbus A321neos, scheduled to begin delivery in 2018. At the same time, flydubai, Dubai’s low-cost airline, signed an agreement with CFM for up to 222 engines.


Abu Dhabi Aircraft Technologies

GE has partnered with Abu Dhabi’s Mubadala Development Company to develop Abu Dhabi Aircraft Technologies (ADAT), a world-class maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) company. ADAT is the world’s first GEnx independent MRO quick-turn engine maintenance operation center to receive regulatory approval.

New Engine Repair and Overhaul Facility with Emirates

In Dubai, GE is working with Emirates on the design and construction of its most technologically advanced engine overhaul shop. Once operational, the 90,000-square-meter facility, one of the largest in the Middle East, will perform up to 300 yearly shop visits and complement Dubai’s existing Test Cell Facility.

The On Wing Support Center provides 24/7 full-service repair solutions for all GE and CFM engines at the flight line and in strategically located quick-turn engine maintenance centers. Operating a worldwide network of dispatch and quick-turn engine maintenance facilities, On Wing Support provides more than 3,000 rapid repair solutions yearly to more than 250 customers.


Optimization – Diagnostics

With more than 15 years of monitoring experience involving nearly 25,000 engines, GE's Diagnostics services use trend and fault data to provide real-time operational support. Empowered by GE’s automated and integrated systems, OEM knowledge, fleet experience and a global service network, airline customers can make optimal maintenance and logistical decisions.

Optimization - Fuel & Carbon Solutions

GE Fuel & Carbon Solutions, the product of an ecomagination challenge, helps airlines expertly and efficiently manage fuel consumption. The software solution, leveraging insights from our expert team, allows operators to cut their annual fuel costs by as much as three percent.

Digital Solutions - Performance-based Navigation

GE has an unsurpassed record of deploying Performance-Based Navigation strategies for multiple aircraft types all around the world. Customizing procedures based on aircraft performance characteristics and customer preference, our PBN designs help reduce emissions, save fuel, reduce flight time and improve safety.

Digital Solutions - Fleet Synchronization Services

GE’s FleetSync Arrival Synchronization technology provides precise Required Time of Arrival recommendations for each aircraft in the sky. The solution allows airlines to re-sequence aircraft arrivals to optimize landing times within the existing air traffic control system.

Intelligent Operations

Taleris, a joint venture between GE Aviation and Accenture, has launched a groundbreaking web-based prognostics service to monitor Etihad Airways’ fleet of Airbus and Boeing aircraft, a first in the commercial airline industry. The new technology helps predict potential maintenance faults and recommends preventive action, which means financial savings for the airline and improved service for passengers and freight.