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Arcam EBM

Arcam EBM provides a proven additive manufacturing process for volume production of metal components. The technology offers freedom in design combined with excellent material properties and high productivity that drives cost savings.

Head office, R&D and production facilities are located in Gothenburg, Sweden. Arcam is an innovative partner for manufacturing primarily in the orthopedic implant and aerospace industries, where we deliver customer value through our competence and solution orientation.

Since the birth of Arcam, our vision has remained the same: to revolutionize the art of manufacturing complex parts. Arcam offers a complete portfolio of EBM machines, auxiliary equipment, software, metal powders, service and training to support our customers. The patent portfolio consists of 200 patents/patent applications belonging to 56 different registered patent families. Today, more than 300 systems are installed worldwide.


Arcam EBM Quality Policy

Arcam´s ambition is to disrupt conventional manufacturing, making manufacturing unbound, giving us a leading position in the Additive Manufacturing industry.

Our products and services will fulfill our customer’s high expectations of quality, reliability and productivity, while complying with their relevant laws, regulations and standards.

All employees will follow our approved processes, aiming for continuous improvements in daily work and be part of a learning organization, resulting in an effective and efficient Quality Management System that strengthens our competitiveness.



  1. Patent EBM technology


    Patent describing the principle of melting electrically conductive powder, layer by layer, with an electric beam, for manufacturing three-dimensional bodies.

  2. Company foundation


    Arcam AB was founded and the company continued the development on its own, with the objective to further develop and commercialize the fundamental idea behind the patent.

  3. Product launch EBM S12


    With two units installed at clients, the technology was finally ready for commercialization. The first production model, the EBM S12, was launched at EuroMold in Frankfurt at the end of 2002.

  4. Product launch Arcam A2


    In 2007 Arcam passed a very important milestone for the orthopedic implant industry. Adler Ortho Group, the Italian manufacturer of orthopedic implants, launched the CE-certified hip implant Fixa Ti-Por on the European market. Numerous CE-certified and FDA approved implants manufactured with the EBM technology have been launched after this breakthrough.

    Arcam also released the next production model, the larger A2, primarily for production of larger structural parts for the aerospace industry.

  5. Product launch A1& Arcam A2X


    Arcam released the A1, specifically developed for volume production of orthopedic implants. The same year Arcam also released the A2X, offering a build chamber more suitable for processing high temperature materials and a slightly larger build envelope.

  6. Product launch A2XX


    Arcam released the A2XX, offering the largest build envelope so far on the EBM platform.

  7. Product launch Q10 & Q20


    Arcam released the Q10, specifically designed for the industrial production of implants, and the Q20 for the industrial production of aerospace-related components.

  8. Product launch Spectra H


    One of our new 2018 machines, Spectra H is designed for high temperature applications. A large machine that can print an array of difficult materials, including TiAl, Spectra can serve applications previously unattainable.

Arcam EBM in Orthopedics

More than 100 Arcam EBM systems used in production

  • CE-certified since 2007
  • FDA clearance since 2010
  • CFDA clearance since 2015

More than 100,000 hip cups implanted

Arcam EBM in Aerospace

More than 90 Arcam EBM systems sold to 40 customers Primarily for OEM and Tier 1 engine and airframe. 

Flight test with Avio Aero turbine blade, qualified for serial production in GE9X

Watch the flight test video

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