Webinar: Understanding AM Economics - A Critical Piece to the Additive Business Case


Building a winning business case with additive manufacturing (AM) can be tricky. Machine behavior and architecture play an important role in productivity and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). One of the biggest challenges in building a good business case for AM is in the way productivity is reported, and general knowledge of the process is limited. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to better understand the technical language of AM and identify which machine behaviors correspond to measurable economic indicators. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to put together more accurate business cases that have less variability and allow for easier updating for future technology changes.

Attendees will better understand:

  • The language used around additive business cases
  • Which machine behaviors correspond to measurable economic indicators
  • How to put together a more accurate business case



Nic Sabo, Advanced Lead Engineer, GE Additive


Nic Sabo has been inventing the future of additive manufacturing for over six years, initially coming on-board to GE Aviation to find its next big additive application. He has a decade of engineering experience with GE, ranging from jet engine thermal management, heavy transportation equipment and consumer electronics. He has authored eight patents dealing with heat transfer and additive manufacturing. After three years of designing configuration and heat transfer components for GE9X, Catalyst, and other engines, Nic joined at the launch of GE Additive. He has developed best practices for cost estimation, led IP documentation efforts, and has supported over a dozen customers in design and development efforts. Nic holds a BS in Engineering Management and an MBA from Miami University.

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