Webinar: Turning Metal Additive Build Failures into Positive Learning Experiences

Build Failures as Learning Experiences

Turning Metal Additive Build Failures into Positive Learning Experiences

Build failures happen to all additive users, regardless of experience level. They are unavoidable pitfalls in an additive journey and often provide valuable learning experiences. A number of factors can contribute to build failures. Once you understand the reasons behind these events, you can adjust your processes and implement procedures to avoid similar failures from occurring.

With hundreds (if not thousands) of build failures under his belt, Dave Bartosik from GE Additive will share some of his experiences and how he turned them into positive opportunities to learn more about how to avoid bad builds in the future. Topics covered will include:

  • Different types of build failures
  • Prevention methods
  • Value that can be learned from failed builds



Dave Bartosik
Advanced Lead Manufacturing Engineer
GE Additive

Dave Bartosik works on the Industrialization team at GE Additive as an advanced lead manufacturing engineer. In his role, Dave helps guide customers into production from any point along their additive journey. He is also heavily involved with the Customer Success Engineering team to solve unique customer problems.

Prior to working at GE, Dave was a member of the R&D team at Morris Technologies, working with DMLM and EBM machines to promote new material development, special processes, machine modifications and build-failure troubleshooting. Morris Technologies was acquired by GE Aviation in 2012, and Dave joined GE Additive in 2017. He graduated from the University of Cincinnati with BS in Mechanical Engineering.

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