Webinar: The Technical Drivers Behind Designing for Binder Jet and How the Technology Compares to Casting


Join this webinar to learn about the new innovations in Binder Jet technology and get an overview of design considerations and the technical drivers behind them. The session will explore Binder Jet’s advantages and why it is suited to displace castings.

Over the past several years, many industries have embraced the design freedoms and production capabilities of additive manufacturing. Even though AM has realized increasing acceptance as an alternative to traditional manufacturing, it has not been seen as an economical replacement for castings. However, as additive technology advances, it is becoming a viable, cost-effective method for large-scale production.

Binder Jet is one emerging additive technology that can have a tremendous impact on traditional supply chains and is an efficient method for producing innovative components quickly and at scale.



Jacob Brunsberg
Modality Leader, Binder Jet
GE Additive

Charged with leading GE Additive’s Binder Jet modality, Jacob is responsible for the strategic development and commercialization of the technology.

Jacob has held leadership roles in engineering, project and product management and sales and marketing. Prior to GE, he worked for American Roller Company & Plasma Coatings with responsibility for the growth strategy of the company’s industrial division, which focused on advanced welding, cladding, thermal spray and powder metallurgy technologies.

Jacob joined GE Additive with a passion for growing and expanding the impact of additive on the manufacturing sector, in particular emerging Binder Jet technologies. Jacob holds a Bachelor of Science in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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