Webinar: Outlook on raw material quality requirements for the AM medical industry


Additive Manufacturing (AM) has shown that it can add value by providing freedom of design, efficient manufacturing and avoid the limitations of conventional manufacturing. The orthopaedic industry is successfully embracing AM with an average growth rate of 20-30% of orthopaedic additively manufactured devices. Compagnies in highly regulated industries, such as orthopaedic, require a robust quality system to ensure product and service quality. Quality focus partners that will embrace this philosophy and maintain the same level of commitment to quality are mandatory to ensure a good quality level from the beginning to the end of the process. This presentation will show AP&C’s learning from servicing the medical AM industry for the last 15 years and their vision of the four pillars essential to success in the medial AM industry: Quality, Service, Product and Partnership.


Frédéric Marion
Product Manger – Metal powders
AP&C, a GE Additive company

Working in the field of spherical metal powder production since 2005, he joined AP&C, a GE Additive company, in 2010 and was at the forefront of AP&C transformation towards mass production. He worked on technology improvement and capacity growth at AP&C. He also lead the AP&C product qualification efforts with major aerospace and orthopedics players.

He and his team are focused on guiding AP&C customers towards the best powder for their need, but also accompany them in all powder related issues; specification design, handling, transportation, blending, recycling, quality assurance, etc.

AP&C is part of GE Additive and is a producer of plasma atomized spherical metal powders designed for all additive manufacturing (AM) technologies. AP&C is focused on producing high quality titanium, nickel and aluminum powders for AM but also bring key advantages to the other powder metallurgy technologies.

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