Premium AEROTEC and GE Additive have been partnering on the serial production of titanium parts for the aerospace industry for over five years now. Until recently, only parts that were built with a single laser per part on GE Additive's Concept Laser M2 were able to be qualified for aerospace. This limitation affected the productivity of the machines and technology. The stitching zones of the different lasers were the critical piece in the qualification. Together, we reached a major milestone with the validation of a part that was produced in line with the process qualification requirements with two corresponding lasers. Overcoming this challenge will allow a major productivity increase.

Join this webinar to learn from Dr. Bielefeld, Head of Additive Manufacturing at Premium AEROTEC, and Udo Burggraf, Senior Global and Key Account Director Aerospace at GE Additive, about the process to get to this validation and get a look into the future collaboration of the two companies.


Dr. Thomas Bielefeld
Head of Additive Manufacturing

In 1993 he started his professional career as research engineer at the LEIBNIZ Institute for Material-Oriented Technologies (IWT). He managed national and international research projects and headed an engineering team focussed on process innovation and process chain reductions. After an outstanding PhD on short-time metallurgical effects in metals Thomas was awarded the international CIRP Taylor Medal in 2000.

Since 1999 he took leading positions in different industries. For ASTRIUM Space he served as Head of Production Center Tanks & Components with responsibility for satellite propulsion equipments like tanks, valves, thrusters, tubings and insulation. Joining AIRBUS in 2006 he get in charge of the competence center for production systems, an annual 65 M€ business on developing and producing advanced jigs & tools for carbon fiber placement and aircraft assembly lines. With foundation of Premium AEROTEC 2009 Thomas served the Board of Management on several improvement projects. As Head of Supply Management Detail Parts and Aerostructures he implemented new order and operational supplier management processes. 2015 PAG decided to industrialize Additive Manufacturing for aerospace serial production and Thomas as Head of AM leads the activities on technology development, process maturity and reproducibility, qualification and serial production.

His scientific and technological background is mainly in the field of short-time metallurgical effects in material removal and thermal processes, electron-beam welding and heat treatment of titanium alloys, laser welding and heat treatment of aluminium alloys and PBF-LBM of titanium/aluminium.

He lives in North Germany, is married and has 5 children.

Udo Burggraf
Senior Global and Key Account Director
GE Additive

Udo Burggraf has a master degree in aerospace engineering from the University of Stuttgart from 1991. He spent his entire professional career in the aerospace industry incl. eight years in national and international project management at the German Aerospace Research Center, followed by eight years in engineering services at Engineering and Design AG most recently as EVP and member of the group’s executive board. Today he is acting as Senior Global & Key Accounts Director Aerospace for GE Additive.

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Pre-recorded Seminar

Join this webinar to learn from Premium AEROTEC and GE Additive about the process to get to validation and get a look into the future collaboration of the two companies.

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