Webinar: How REJOINT is using EBM technology to push the envelope in orthopedics


“3D printing is going to be way bigger than what the 3D printing companies are saying.” -Credit Suisse

Additive manufacturing is disrupting a variety of industries and revolutionizing the way parts are made. The orthopedics industry has been leading the way in applying additive technology, from off-the-shelf implants to patient-specific solutions. REJOINT is using Electron Beam Melting (EBM) technology to change the game  in orthopedics, focusing on new patient needs and offering a truly personalized treatment, including cost-effective personalized implants that can be designed and manufactured in just weeks.

During this webinar, Dr. Gian Guido Riva and Dr. Carolina Eleonora Lavecchia, both of REJOINT,  will explore how the company is leveraging EBM technology to improve patient outcomes and push the medical industry to new heights.



Dr. Gian Guido Riva

Dr. Gian Guido Riva is a leading strategist and visionary. He has been successfully initiating and developing concepts in medtech, from the ideation to commercialization.

Dr. Carolina Eleonora Levecchia

Dr. Carolina Eleonora Lavecchia is an engineer who has a passion for biomechanics and cutting-edge technology. She has spent many years focusing on analyzing and improving the interactions between the human body and medical devices.

Fausto Asvisio
Senior Sales Director
GE Additive

Fausto has more than 30 years' experience in the medical field. During his career he held several different sales roles in various medical companies. About 10 years ago he found his way into additve manufacturing as the Senior Sales Director for Italy first for Arcam AB and now for GE Additive.

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