Webinar: Arcam EBM Q10plus – Proven cost-efficiency and productivity for volume hip cup production


The Arcam EBM Q10plus is the established machine for volume production of medical implants, especially hip cups. This session will present a part-cost case for hip cups and draw a comparison with other powder bed fusion technologies. In addition, a new software tool that analyzes build performance of the Q10plus will even further improve productivity and the insight from the first customers using the tool will be shared. We will also explore how the new powder handling system can improve hip cup production.



Anders Ingvarsson
Product Manager
GE Additive

Anders Ingvarsson joined the GE Additive EBM team in Gothenburg 3 years ago, starting taking the product responsibility for the aftermarket offering. While building the knowledge of EBM from the needs of the GE Additive EBM customer, the product responsibility has grown and Anders is now Product Manager for two machines and he coordinates the journey for the digitalization products in general for Arcam EBM. Prior GE Additive, Anders worked within different automation company.

Anders holds an M.Sc. in Mechatronics and Automation from Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg.

Oscar Angervall
Senior Product Manager
GE Additive

Oscar Angervall entered the world of EBM and additive manufacturing six years ago. Initially serving as a project manager for various development projects, he had the chance to learn valuable insights of the EBM capabilities. Now as product manager for the larger Arcam EBM machines, Oscar evangelizes the capabilities of EBM to others. Prior to joining Arcam and GE Additive, Oscar worked within the commercial vehicle industry and was a professional sailor.

Stephan Zeidler
Senior Global and Key Accounts Director
GE Additive

At GE Additive, Stephan Zeidler serves as a Senior Global and Key Accounts Director where he oversees medical industry-related strategy and business development activities. He is involved in Global Account Management and Product Management activities and continues to escort multiple companies, ranging from service providers, OEMs and global medical device manufacturers, on their additive journey. He joined GE Additive in 2016 as Global Business Development Manager for the medical sector and has more than seven years’ experience in the medical additive manufacturing industry. Prior to joining GE Additive, Stephan held Product and Key Account Management roles in the additive manufacturing industry working with multiple additive technologies such as PolyJet and FDM.

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