Successfully deploying metal additive binder jetting technology cannot be accomplished by simply buying and installing a machine. It requires a complete, configurable ecosystem of production hardware and software that addresses critical business objectives:  safety, quality, cost, and scale.

In order to achieve those goals, GE Additive’s Binder Jet hardware and processes were designed and tested for scaled throughput and high uptime.  The closed-loop, inert material handling system was developed with high EHS standards and minimal powder interaction. And the patented GE binding agent allows printing, depowering and sintering large complex parts with superior green strength, which promotes production automation processes.

Appropriate geometric tolerancing and dimensional control is achieved by the use of GE Additive’s Amp™ software, a single data flow from design to accurate final parts. The software characterizes the sintering process, simulates the expected deformation, and compensates the geometry to yield near-net-shape parts.

Join this session to learn more about how the GE Additive Binder Jet Line is helping customers establish full-scale production.



Sammie Rowe

System Validation Engineer
GE Additive

Sammie Rowe is an accomplished chemical engineer with a passion for additive manufacturing and the potential of disruptive technologies that will revolutionize the industry. She has been working at GE Additive for the past four years, where she has played a critical role in the R+D, and subsequent technology maturation of GE’s Binder Jet products.

During her time at GE Additive, Sammie has been involved in early parameter and binder development, as well as system validation. For the past three years, she has been focused on testing and validating the Series 3 Binder Jet product. Her work has helped to optimize the product performance and ensure its quality.

Sammie is particularly excited about Binder Jet’s ability to produce complex parts more quickly and at a lower cost than many other manufacturing methods. This has significant implications for a range of industries, from aerospace and automotive to healthcare and consumer products. Sammie is passionate about Binder Jet technology and looks forward to sharing how GE Additive has created a quality, production-ready machine.

During her time at GE, Sammie has received one patent and filed four others related to Binder Jet.

Prior to joining GE Additive, Sammie spent three years at GE Renewable Energy. While there, she completed the Edison Engineering Development Program and moved on to lead the testing and validation of the pitch-bearing system for onshore wind turbines.

Sammie graduated summa cum laude from the University of Kentucky with a bachelor’s in chemical engineering. She furthered her education by completing a master’s in mechanical engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Event Details

This session reveals how the GE Additive Binder Jet Line is helping customers establish full-scale production.

Wednesday - September 06, 2023
Wednesday - September 06, 2023

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