WEBINAR: Solidifying the Business Case for Additive Manufacturing of Orthopedic Large Joints

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Is additive manufacturing ready for large joint implants? While still a relatively new technology, metal additive manufacturing has been evolving to become a key manufacturing tool in the orthopedic industry. But how do you know if and when additive manufacturing is the right solution for products in your portfolio, and how do you unlock the technology’s efficiency with zero compromise? 

Join this webinar, hosted by GE Additive and Orchid, as the presenters dive into how to solidify the business case for additively manufactured large joint implants. You will also learn how to achieve quality and scale by leveraging a practical approach to building a sustainable additive manufacturing supply chain.  

In addition, you will… 

  • Learn how the spine market paved the way for successful adoption of additive manufacturing for large joint implants 

  • Learn how additive manufacturing can reduce costs when compared to traditional methods, specifically for acetabular cups, femoral trials, tibial trays and femoral knee components

  • Learn what considerations you should make when taking a practical approach to building a sustainable additive manufacturing supply chain 

  • Learn which type(s) of additive manufacturing technology is best suited for your product type – not all additive manufacturing is the same 




Lauren Thompson
Operations Project Manager, AddWorks
GE Additive

As part of our GE Additive’s AddWorks team, Lauren Thompson has worked with customers to deliver a suite of additive enablement tools and services to aid in the adoption of additive.

Lauren joined GE in 2015 within the GE Transportation business where she supported manufacturing of alternators. From there, she worked several locomotive NPIs as a Manufacturing Engineer where she was responsible for cross-functionally enabling quality, delivery, safety, and more within final assembly and locomotive test. She joined GE Additive in 2017 at the Pittsburgh facility where she supported facilities, finance, and the shop leader as a Process Engineer focused on reducing unplanned machine downtime. In 2018 she joined GE Additive’s AddWorks team as an Operations Project Manager focused on driving external customer engagements. She has lead numerous complex engagements with customers in the space and aerospace industries with the goal of ultimately driving further adoption of metal additive technologies. By delivering with our AddWorks team, she was able to help several customers ‘unlock’ some excellent potential additive applications that could help them achieve shorter procurement time, lower part cost, higher part reliability, and more.

Prior to joining GE, she worked for BMW North America in manufacturing and supply chain logistics where she worked to reduce shop waste and increase process efficiency.

Lauren holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering and a minor in Information Systems & Technology from Penn State. During her time at Penn State she gained exposure to additive technology in the classroom as well.



Scott Reese
VP of Business Development, Orchid Orthopedic Solutions

Scott has more than 25 years of experience developing commercial channels and bringing disruptive technologies to market for the orthopedic industry. Prior to joining Orchid, he held roles at Stryker and Small Bone Innovations. Scott is passionate about the orthopedic industry and has an immediate and deep understanding of patient, provider and industry needs.