Webinar: EROFIO Group and the M Line: Making a Mold Core Using Metal AM

M Line

GE Additive’s Concept Laser M Line is more than a single machine. It is a system created specifically for metal additive production, developed around safety, reliability, repeatability and efficiency. EROFIO Group – founded by a mold maker and an injection molding company –is a long-standing user of GE Additive’s Direct Metal Laser Melting (DMLM) technology. Due to their experience with DMLM, Erofio was selected to test and put the M Line through its paces ahead of its commercial readiness later this year. Less than three months after receiving and installing the M Line system at its facility in Batalha, Portugal, EROFIO’s AM team successfully 3D printed its first mold core using M300 hot work tool steel.

Join this session for a lively discussion between Luís Santos, EROFIO Group’s metal additive manufacturing leader, and Wolfgang Lauer, GE Additive’s M Line product manager, as they talk about the evolution of the M Line system and how EROFIO was able to leverage additive’s advantages and create their first part at warp speed.