From the high seas to high heat

September 14, 2018

Oscar Angervall, product manager, Arcam EBM – Gothenburg, Sweden

What is your current role?

I am responsible for the product roadmap of our Q20plus and Spectra H EBM machines. I also oversee the product roadmap of our powder handling equipment at Arcam.

What was your journey prior to a career in Additive?

I have been sailing since the age of seven and quickly developed a passion for competing. After a successful career as a junior (number one in Sweden, number one in Scandinavia and third in Europe), I became a professional sailor. 

Initially, I combined my sailing life with mechanical engineering studies at the Chalmers University of Technology, in Gothenburg, but very soon I was faced with a choice. And at the time my choice was obviously sailing. I worked full time as a professional sailor between 2000-2003, challenging for the Americas Cup in Auckland, New Zealand with a Swedish-financed team. 

In addition to my sailing duties on the boat, I was involved in technical development, mainly around the mast and rigging. In Americas Cup your team must design and build the boat. I really enjoyed the high-end technical development part of the job.

After my time in New Zealand, I went back to university and completed my studies, before entering the next Challenge for the Americas Cup. It was with the same team but this time the competition was held in Valencia, Spain. I lived and worked in Valencia between 2005 and 2007.

After 2007, I thought it was finally time to grow up and get a proper job. So, I moved back to Sweden and started to work as a designer, initially within the sailing industry but moved over to the commercial vehicle industry in 2008.
After a few years as a designer I took the role as a project manager and worked mainly with after treatment systems to meet the European legislation for commercial vehicles. I stayed within the commercial vehicle industry until 2013. During these five years of my life I was still a part-time professional sailor spending six to 14 full weeks competing at different places around the globe.

oskar bermuda

When did you first get involved in Additive?  What attracted you to the industry?

I got involved in Additive in early 2014, when Arcam was recruiting for a project manager. The technology seemed complex enough to create a challenge for me. 
But to be honest it was the people, the potential and the company culture that made my decision to join, rather than the technology - since I did not fully understand electron beam melting technology at that time. 
I also saw that I could contribute with my drive to motivate, coordinate teams and achieve deliverable results for Arcam.

What is the best advice you received during your career?

The best advice I received comes from one of my sailing coaches when I was a junior. It was that you can win any competition… it’s just a matter of motivation and hard, smart work. 
I have taken this with me into the world of work and reaching defined goals is what motivates and drives me. It’s like a competition for me.

What advice do you have for others who are interested in working in Additive technology? 

If you want to be part of the future, jump on the Additive train now. It is already changing and complementing the traditional manufacturing industry. There are endless of opportunities to grow the industry, our own business and ultimately help our customers make an impact and heroes within their industry segment.

Tell us about your family
I’ve been married to Linda since 2007.  We first met when we were 16 years old and have two sons - Anton who is 12 and a nine-year-old Lucas. Other family members include a rabbit and since last month Zingo - a Cockerpoo puppy.

What do you do outside work? 

I spend my time with my family (which is rapidly becoming a zoo) and occasionally still on the race course, competing in sailing.  I like to get anywhere where the family can explore nature and be active; the Alps for skiing, hiking, biking… and, of course, anywhere there are waves.