Arcam EBM

Powder Recovery Station PRS 30

GE Additive offers a comprehensive powder handling system to support EBM machines,
both pre- and post-build.


prs 30

One of the unique characteristics of additive manufacturing is the ability to recover and reuse excess powder. The PRS 30 is an advanced powder recovery station that offers a high level of automation for high-volume production and is available to support your EBM machine purchase.


Advantages of the PRS 30

  Automated blasting with EBM machine build tank
  Self diagnostic and easy troubleshooting
  Closed powder recovery
  Automatic cleaning cycle of machine
  Exchangeable cyclone and powder transport tubes to  enable better
     cleaning of machine
  Great operator ergonomics
  9” HMI panel


Auxiliary equipment available to support PRS 30

  • Vacuum cleaners – to clean the finished build
  • Sieving station – to filter unused powder and eliminate oversized particles 
  • Hopper filling station – to load sieved powder from barrels into machine hopper
  • Trolleys – to transport build tank, powder hoppers, and barrels
  • Powder barrels – to keep the powder in a protected environment

Arcam EBM PRS 30

The PRS 30 provides virtually contact free handling of the build module and enhanced automation for safe cleaning of EBM builds.