GE Additive's Print Services

Together, we print things beyond what’s possible

Because we’re engineers too, we know a part isn’t real until you can touch it and see that it works. Our job isn’t done until you have a printed part in one hand and a product roadmap in the other. Whether it is an extension of our GE Additive AddWorks discovery and design service or printing on some of the largest metal additive machines in the world, working together we can help transform your industry. Let’s build anything together.

Large format printing

Print large metal parts, without compromising resolution or quality — we can help you build the next generation of parts — quickly, efficiently, and with better performance. We offer the world’s largest metal additive printers before they are commercially available to the market.

The benefits

  • Accelerate the part production and testing processes to improve overall speed to market
  • Design and produce multiple product versions simultaneously
  • Eliminate the need for expensive tooling and molds which can have long lead-times
  • Drastically reduce the waste associated with milling and machining 

Design to print

Our design to print service is a great solution, if you need help with product design and printing. Our experienced engineers will provide guidance around the additive design process, then follow the design through the printing process. We gather feedback, adjust the design as needed, and print the part again. We manage the post-processing and inspection of the part on equipment that is tailored specifically for additive manufacturing—ensuring the final part meets your product requirements.

The benefits

  • Iterative part development which reduces overall cycle time
  • Better understand build-time and cost information before making a capital investment
  • Reduced risk and costs in development of printed parts through working with our experts

GE Additive's Print Services Center

GE Additive Print Services Center is a full-scale, certified AS9100/ISO9001 additive printing and post-processing facility.  The goal is to help organizations adopt additive manufacturing technology faster by offering the ability to take parts from an idea to production.  

The Print Services Center focuses on GE Additive’s current metal additive technologies:  DMLM and EBM.  We also focus on complex parts/systems and large format parts for Space, Aviation, Automotive, Military and other industries.

The Print Services Center has the full value stream of post processing and inspection equipment necessary to finish parts. This includes:

  • powder removal and sieving,
  • wire EDM and bandsaw machines
  • vacuum furnaces for stress relief
  • solution heat treat and sintering
  • various CNCs for machining, and
  • tools for polishing and grinding.

The Print Services Center has a full metrology and metallurgy lab for inspection, where we perform powder characterization, tensile and hardness testing. We have on-site dimensional scanning including, CMM and GOM capabilities.


Our hightech GE Additive's Print Services Center is designed to meet customers' needs across all stages of their additive journey; from product design, to prototyping and through to production.

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The benefits of 3D printing with us

  1. Collaboration with GE Additive's AddWorks

    Collaboration with GE Additive's AddWorks

    Our experts work alongside your team, building additive knowledge enabling you to meet your design, materials science and manufacturing challenges.

    Our extensive experience across many industries — working with multiple additive technologies and operating in a production-level environment — allows AddWorks to provide unique additive manufacturing insight. We have experience supporting customer qualification efforts in highly regulated environments.

  2. Our material science expertise

    Our material science expertise

    We leverage the knowledge and experience of more than 1,000 materials scientists across GE. Our AddWorks materials experts can provide assistance on 3D printing materials selection, along with developing parameters and testing protocols to achieve desired material properties. In addition, GE and AP&C offer a full selection of powders to support your metal printing needs.

  3. Post processing focused on additive manufacturing

    Post processing focused on additive manufacturing

    Printing additive parts is both an art and science. The right experience and technological equipment are necessary to print successful  parts that meet product requirements. Through  our own experience building additive parts on a production scale, we have acquired a robust set of machinery to handle the needs of 3D printing post processing, such as part removal, stress relief, heat treatment, materials testing and inspection.

  4. Additive Academy

    Additive Academy

    Receive training from our team of additive experts in all aspects of additive manufacturing.

  5. EBM and DMLM technology

    EBM and DMLM technology

    Featuring some of the most advanced additive technologies available, machines and 3D printers from Arcam EBM and Concept Laser DMLM enable customers to grow products quickly and precisely.