Webinar: Not All Titanium Grades are Created Equal: Oxygen Content in Grade 5 and Grade 23 Powders

Ti webinar

The aerospace and the medical industries are both early adopters of additive manufacturing. The medical industry primarily uses Ti64 Grade 23/ELI (ASTM F3001), while the aerospace industry prefers Ti64 Grade 5 (ASTM F2924). The key differentiator between both grades is the oxygen content.

Join this webinar to learn how oxygen content varies across particle size distribution of titanium powder during storage, handling and printing. Re-use strategies and recycling methods to bring the oxygen content back into specification ranges will also be discussed.



Jens Kroeger
Materials & Additive Manufacturing Expert
AP&C, a GE Additive company

Jens Kroeger, Ph.D., is a materials expert at AP&C, a GE Additive company. A member of the Customer Experience and Materials Expertise (CEME) team, Jens works with both clients and the logistics teams to ensure that production requirements and client specifications are met. He has 11 years of experience in the manufacture of plasma-based materials, including metal alloy powders and nano-carbons. He has contributed to the development of ISO standards for nanomaterial safety datasheets and published over 20 peer-reviewed scientific articles or technical reports. After earning his PhD in physics at McGill University, Jens began his career as an NSERC industrial postdoctoral fellow in 2010.

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