Webinar: M Line–The Evolution of an Additive Production System

M Line hero

As metal additive manufacturing continues to mature, companies and industries are recognizing the benefit of industrializing the technology and making the leap from prototyping to production. Making the move to serial production further enhances the need for AM equipment that is safe and reliable, but also delivers parts at scale efficiently.

For several years, GE Additive has been developing the Concept Laser M Line production solution. More than just a single machine, M Line is a system created specifically for metal additive production, developed around the ideas of safety, reliability, repeatability and efficiency. But, what processes were implemented during the evolution of the M Line that have led to a system that fulfills all of the additive production requirements?

Join GE Additive for this session in the Webinar Wednesday series as the presenters explore the development of the M Line. They will examine such topics as processes and procedures employed to ensure reliability and repeatability and material property consideration for part quality and consistency.


Wolfgang Lauer
Product Manager
GE Additive

Wolfgang Lauer has been the Concept Laser M Line product manager since Feb 2020. He joined GE Additive in 2016 as R&D project management leader. He quickly focused on customer success, leading operational improvements to meet customer expectations and help growing partnership to a factory scale installation. Prior to GE, Wolfgang acted as product manager for emergency diesel generators up to 10 MWe for nuclear powerplants, standardizing and qualifying design for various nuclear standards to commercialize them. His background is mechatronics and car design. He graduated with a PhD in product development from Technical University of Munich.

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