Webinar: How GE Additive’s Arcam EBM Spectra L Can Help You Ramp up to Volume Production

Spectra L

GE Additive’s EBM Spectra L can help you ramp up to serial production with improved consistency and mechanical properties, shorter build times and lower part costs.  Spectra L has the largest EBM build envelope on the market with higher beam power for increased productivity and build speed.  Join this webinar to hear from the technology team behind our latest EBM innovations and understand what makes the Spectra L unique and ideal for scaling up to high-volume production and recognizing a lower cost manufacturing solution.



Oscar Angervall
Senior Project Manager
GE Additive

Oscar Angervall entered the world of EBM and additive manufacturing six years ago. Initially serving as a project manager for various development projects, he had the chance to learn valuable insights of the EBM capabilities. Now as product manager for the larger Arcam EBM machines, Oscar evangelizes the capabilities of EBM to others. Prior to joining Arcam and GE Additive, Oscar worked within the commercial vehicle industry and was a professional sailor.

Isak Elfström
Vice President of EBM Technology
GE Additive

Isak Elfström is responsible for the development of GE Additive’s Electron Beam Melting (EBM) technology. He has spent almost 15 years developing the EBM technology and has helped drive the adoption of EBM-manufactured components in aerospace and orthopedics.

Isak holds an MSc in Applied Physics from Luleå University of Technology.

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