Webinar: Design for Metal Binder Jet: A Way to Create a Winning Business Case

Binder Jet Design

Additive manufacturing has long been recognized as a disruptive approach to maximizing design freedom and improving part performance. Metal additive has been evolving to become an alternative to traditional manufacturing methods. Meanwhile, metal binder jetting has increased the build rate by orders of magnitude, making it a viable replacement now for traditional manufacturing, in particular castings. The combination of Binder Jet’s technology advancements and innovative designs is helping to facilitate the leap to large-scale production.

Join this webinar and learn how designing a part for Binder Jet can build a winning business case and can lead to an effective way to produce parts for serial production.

Topics covered will include:
•    Examples of Binder Jet parts
•    Designing for the process
•    Advantages over casting
•    Material properties
•    Total part cost review


Jinjie Shi
Staff Engineer
GE Additive

Joining GE Additive in 2017, Jinjie Shi’s primary focus is on metal binder jet design and application, powder-bed additive repair and additive machine customization. Prior to GE Additive, Jinjie worked for GE Global Research for four years as abradable seal development focal.

Jinjie holds a Ph.D in Engineering Science and Mechanics from Penn State and is a Six Sigma Black Belt. He has filed 25 patents and applications and authored more than 30 publications.


Chris Bryant        
Lead Designer
GE Additive

Chris Bryant graduated from Cincinnati State Technical and Community College with a degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology with a specialty in design. He started with GE Aviation in 2014 with the Special Projects group, working on engine layouts for future designs and preliminary designs.

Joining GE Additive in 2017, Chris has done design in multiple additive modalities, including laser, EBM and Binder Jet. He has also provided design work for customers across many sectors, from oil & gas to renewable energy, as well as automotive, aerospace, and even fashion.


Jacob Brunsberg
Modality Leader, Binder Jet
GE Additive

Charged with leading GE Additive’s Binder Jet modality, Jacob is responsible for the strategic development and commercialization of the technology.

Jacob has held leadership roles in engineering, project and product management and sales and marketing. Prior to GE, he worked for American Roller Company & Plasma Coatings with responsibility for the growth strategy of the company’s industrial division, which focused on advanced welding, cladding, thermal spray and powder metallurgy technologies.

Jacob joined GE Additive with a passion for growing and expanding the impact of additive on the manufacturing sector, in particular emerging Binder Jet technologies. Jacob holds a Bachelor of Science in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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