Webinar: A Data-Centric Approach to Additive Manufacturing: GE Additive’s Amp Software Platform

Amp software

Adopting additive manufacturing (AM) can be a difficult process. Choosing the right modality, materials, and applications is a significant hurdle many companies face while adopting AM.  But, what about data? After all, AM is a highly digital process.  GE Additive’s AmpTM software platform was developed to create a single data flow from conceptual design to end-use component. Leveraging years of experience through trial and error, building our own systems from the ground up, and evaluating applications, GE Additive created a streamlined workflow for your data needs.

Join this webinar to find out more about the Amp software platform, which was developed exclusively for GE Additive’s metal additive machines.

Learn how Amp...

  • allows users to simulate process distortion of the print process, along with other influencing post-processing activities.
  • uses the simulation results to provide automatic compensation of the input geometry to render a part that meets the geometric tolerances.
  • enables you to take advantage of build preparation, data traceability, slicing and preparation for build.
  • leads to a higher yield, faster development timeline, and expanded application selection, enabling more parts to leverage AM.



Nic Sabo
Advanced Lead Engineer
GE Additive

Nic Sabo has been inventing the future of additive manufacturing for over six years, initially coming on-board to GE Aviation to find its next big additive application. He has a decade of engineering experience with GE, ranging from jet engine thermal management, heavy transportation equipment and consumer electronics. He has authored eight patents dealing with heat transfer and additive manufacturing. After three years of designing configuration and heat transfer components for GE9X, Catalyst, and other engines, Nic joined at the launch of GE Additive. He has developed best practices for cost estimation, led IP documentation efforts, and has supported over a dozen customers in design and development efforts.

Nic holds a BS in Engineering Management and an MBA from Miami University.

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