Webinar: Additive Manufacturing… Revolutionizing the Dental Industry

dental webinar

In this Spanish webinar hear from Mr. Julien Epstein, founder and CEO of DIT Chile (Dental Innovation Techniques), who will share his experience in additive metal manufacturing processes and how they have helped him revolutionize processes within the dental industry in Latin America. We will also have the opportunity to share our GE Additive product offering focused on this market. 



Julien Epstein
Founder and CEO
DIT Chile (Dental Innovation Techniques)

Mr. Julien Epstein has been involved in digital dentistry for the last 10 years as an innovator and founder of several dental startups and related endeavors in the last 15 years. In 2013, he started as CEO of DITChile where he led fundamental changes in the Chilean market within the optimization of additive manufacturing and industrial milling processes. At the beginning of 2019, DITChile obtained a CORFO state contribution to develop the first admodum (dental structure for total edentulousness) using lattice technology and combining with Swiss turning technology and industrial additive manufacturing with GE Additive. Mr. Julien Epstein is a commercial engineering graduate from the Universidad Católica de Chile and also holds an Executive MBA from Kellog Recanati (Northwestern with Tel Aviv University).


Gabriel Francisco Arreola
Additive Manufacturing Engineering Manager
GE Querétaro, Mexico

Francisco graduated in Mechanical Engineering with a specialty in Mechanical Design from the Technological Institute of Querétaro. He also has a certificate in additive manufacturing for innovative design and production issued by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In 2004 Francisco started working at GE Aviation on the Unison team as a designer of external components for turbines. He participated in the development of turbines such as CF34-10A, GEnx 1B and GP7200, among others. He developed his career as a design engineer, program engineer, Black Belt, operations leader and manager of different multidisciplinary teams, managing to coordinate operational issues for a team of more than 400 people. In 2018 the additive manufacturing team started at GE Querétaro.

Francisco has been strongly involved in the creation and development of the first Additive Manufacturing Consortium in Latin America, giving him the opportunity to collect first-hand information regarding the implementation of this technology in the region.

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