University of New Brunswick selects GE Additive Concept Laser M2 machine

Photocaption.  From left to right: Keith Campbell, Senior Sales Director, GE Additive, Dr. Mohsen Mohammadi, director of research and development for the Marine Additive Manufacturing Centre of Excellence Hart Devitt, Director of Industry and Government Services, Duncan McSporran, Director, Programs and Innovation, Office of Research Services, University of New Brunswick

Munich, Germany/ Farnborough, UK – GE Additive has announced that the University of New Brunswick has selected a Concept Laser M2 cusing metal laser machine, with its commercialization partner Custom Fabricators & Machinists, and training partners New Brunswick Community College, the College communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick, and Nova Scotia Community College. 

The University of New Brunswick is spearheading Canada's first Marine Additive Manufacturing Center of Excellence. The center will be the first in Canada to use metal 3D printing as a method for manufacturing certified parts for the marine industry.

The Concept Laser M2 machine will primarily be used in a variety for research and development areas by Dr. Mohsen Mohammadi and his team at UNB, including hybrid printing, blast resistance and enhanced corrosion protection.


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